Google Deindexing Issue

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Is google really deindexing some of the pages from its database or It's a kind of Glitch? I recently noticed one of my important page deindexed from google, bing and also from yahoo? What could be the possible issue?
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    Yeah, google is doing it. But it is for some specific pages.
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    May be a technical glitch from your end as all other search engines also dropped your page. Please check in case you blocked accidentally from crawling and indexing.
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    Sure, any page can be individually penalized by a search engine (site-wide penalties are less common now), so any specific page can be de-ranked or de-indexed. But that`s really unlikely that your pages could have been penalized by three separate search engines at a time and get de-indexed for that reason. Revise your robots.txt (perhaps you`ve been changing some things around?) and make sure the pages don`t have noindex tags in the code directly. I would also scan the website on behalf of search engine bots to see if there`s something else restricting the pages form indexing.
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    There is a difference between not ranking and being deindexed. For some reason, people confuse the two.

    Most of the time when people start these threads they are actually indexed. They just are not ranking.

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