Why Won't My "Company Name" Rank in Google?

by simmonsmike7 35 replies
I purchased a domain name a few months ago but never really did anything with it.

A few weeks ago I put up a website, fresh content, nice design, etc.

However, my "Company Name" still won't rank in Google? See below:

"Company Name" - doesn't rank
"CompanyName" - doesn't rank
"CompanyName.com" - ranks!

The website doesn't have any links pointing to it. I've purchased 5 web 2.0 links that should be going live within 10 days or so.

Any ideas on how to QUICKLY get "Company Name" to rank in Google...?
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    It depend upon what keywords are you using. keywords are high, low , medium and it would depend upon how is search of that keywords.You should do on page and off page activity of your website.
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    I think you should never buy links, it's not good. So, you can do proper onpage and offpage activities and also do SMO activies.
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    If your company is not ranking on Google or other search engine, then you need to SEO of it. As we all know that to get ranked on Google we need to focus on Keywords through which we can rank well. Keywords should be according to category as well as keywords should be not so much competitive. Website design is also a feature through which we can do this.
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    It may take some to get indexed by Google. You may check with webmaster tool to identify the issues during crawling/indexing.
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    Maybe youre in a high competitive niche (u should've showed us ur domain).
    There are some keywords yo really cant rank with, especially in finance, insurance, health, just to name a few. The big boys have spent thousands to rank on them.
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    Its not how many content you put into your website but the most important point here is does your content successfully engage?
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    You should do on page & Off page seo.
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    There are many reasons to it depending upon your situation.

    Case 1
    If your company name keyword is highly competitive then it would be difficult to get rank so easily. Check if any other company uses similar name and might have optimized their website to get rank for company name keyword.

    Case 2
    If your company name keyword is not highly competitive then try to put your company name along with address in google search, if you don't see your company's listing which means that there is no index page available at Google for your Company Listing, To correct this simply follow below steps.

    First Go to Google Business (Formerly Google Places) and add your company details along with your website details, complete both Phone as well as Address verification. Once done your Google Business Listing will appear in searches and though if the company name keyword is highly competitive your listing will start appearing in local searches.

    I hope this helps you !
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    It happens when your site is not ranking well and way behind millions of sites...when you type something on Google, it considers them keywords and rank sites accordingly...so even if your URL contains the words, it won't show up until you have good traffic and substantial links pointing to your site...

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