How much time does it take to rank in the top 10 in google search?

by sagorodesk1 11 replies
This is my single keyword "software reuse ".
Give a idea how much time will take this keyword rank.
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    You can rank within a couples of days or it may take forever. It depends in each case.
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    See to rank on Google is not easy. Because Google analyze full website or blog which you want to promote and wish to ranked well on search engine. There are lots of metrics by which Google analyze the website to get ranked in top 10.
    1. Website domain age.
    2. Content distribution.
    3. Backlinks.
    4. Domain Authority.
    5. On-page optimization.
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    There is never any fixed predefined time for ranking after SEO is performed. It totally depends how well is your content written and quality of backlnks for better ranking to be achieved.
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    I have a job in in my fiverr account. my client give a just this keyword for rank on top 10 google search.
    he gave me 3 month to rank it. i research his keyword and also so pain task for me. keyword competition so high, competitor site having 2-5k backlink.
    what can i do now ?
    Please answer me if you have free for me.

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    This thing is not fixed. It totally depend on what content are you using and quality backlinks.
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    It depends on many things. You must take so much effort if want rank on top Google.
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    No one can promise you with first page rankings, it totally depends on your marketing (SEO) skills, your website, your content and your website backlinks.

    It may take longer to rank when the website are not built as per search engine algorithm ethics. A search engine friendly website having Indexable Content, Crawlable Link Structures, proper Keyword Usage and Targeting, proper and unique meta titles and descriptions for all pages, proper URL structures.
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    This is like asking "how much food will it take to make me full?"

    What kind of food? How big are you? When is the last time you ate? How quickly will you eat it?

    If you are going for a super easy, long tail keyword phrase that nobody else is targeting, you could be there in a day. If you are going for a super competitive, generic phrase (like "bowling") it could take anywhere from forever to never. Too many variables.

    Build great content that people will want to link to, go out and get those links and pick phrases that you actually have a chance to rank for quickly.

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    Based on the competition and the fact it's a two word.

    I would say 3-6 months heavy social signals and backlinks from PA/DA of 15 above.

    That will do it.

    Not complicated it just takes work.

    Dont over think stuff just work out is it worth it?

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    If you are newbie, it takes a lot time for you. It's okay, you must put all effort to rank top Google.
    If you have knowledge well, it's not long. I have my friend, he has strong skill in SEO and just took about 2 days to rank top Google.
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    Originally Posted by sagorodesk1 View Post

    This is my single keyword "software reuse ".
    Give a idea how much time will take this keyword rank.

    87 days!

    Der, did I win??
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