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I have been away from SEO a few years and it seems like a lot have changed.
I'm involved with a new project and I'm trying to build a new website. However I wonder what would be the best way to make (structure) it.

A few years back a themed website was strong with Google. For example, my niche was "English study guide" and the best way (for SEO) was to make the website for "English study guide" and contain information only for this. Also, to make the site bigger, I was told the silo structure also worked. It would have a bigger theme as the site theme and have mini themes in it. In the above example the big theme would be "learn English" and I could have small themes such as "build vocabulary" "English study guide(main niche)" "learn idioms" etc. and make many pages under each.

Anyway, I'm wondering if this is still the case. I didn't work on SEO for a while but it seems to me that Google is ranking a webpage that answers the query best rather than a home page of a (themed) website. What I mean is if the page has good information for the query then the theme of the website does not seem to matter as before.

I know that there are many variables, such as how strong the domain is, or the type of the query etc. But in general how much the theme of the website and/or the structure of it matter now?

Thanks in advance.
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    Search engines are still one of the most important traffic drivers to sites these days, which is why Search Engine Optimization is incredibly important. While SEO is often thought to be just a set of some technical tricks – and as a professional SEO. the site structure is just as important. Your site’s structure determines whether a search engine understands what the topic of your site is and how easily it will find and index content relevant to your site’s purpose and intent.

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