What to do if SEO does not give results in three months?

by Digishine 21 replies
Can anybody make clarifications about seo results not acquired within the time period of three month.
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    SEO is a log time and constant process. you can not get great result in 3 months if your competition level is too high. you have to wait for the results and go with your constant work.
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      Hello hrishivardhan thanku for the answer please let me know how to get links from forum posting.
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    Is there really no results at all?
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    You have to track things and see if you're at least showing up for some keywords and if so, see if you're at least going up some positions/pages
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    SEO is a time consuming process & it takes lots of efforts so have passions.
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    With quality seo work it will take 4 to 6 month depending on competition of your website..
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    SEO is a very long-term strategy & it can take some time to deliver results & it is totally depend on how competitive keywords you choose. If you want immediate result I would suggest, you should go with google adwords
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    Hello, Digishine!
    If you didn't get any results after 3 months of SEO then you should do proper keyword research using some of the keyword planner tools if you have never done keyword planning before.
    While doing SEO you should mention the targeted location in Keywords and use in titles and descriptions of different submission. At last, try building more and more quality backlinks using Off-Page SEO according to the latest google guidelines.
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    SEO is a tough and ever changing game. I don't do it at all and I rank better. I share my content online at social media sites.. Also after fighting with Google for 14 years...I know I can't out smart them. Fighting over SERPS is more work then just building list and emailing. LOL
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    SEO is a long distance race and not a sprint. That said, are you targeting low competition keyword phrases?

    Do you REALLY have quality content on your pages or the unreadable dreck that is on so many websites (and would you know the difference between proper English and content that provides real value, not the same old stuff you see on every website?). Are the pages actually optimized for SEO?

    Are you building real, quality backlinks or easy ones that you can place yourself on other people's websites? If you can place the link yourself, IT IS WORTHLESS! You need to get real people to DECIDE that a page of your site is so good, THEY want to link to it because it helps the people who read/use their website.

    All depending on the keyword phrases you are targeting, the quality of your pages and the quality of the backlinks you acquire, results could take a week, a month, 6 months, a year, two years or NEVER.

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