How Do I Ensure All My Posts Rank Well On Google?

by daronch 14 replies
I want to build a site that will eventually have lots of content, something like 100k posts. How do I ensure that my site's posts will well rank on Google?

Do I have to build authority to my domain, build backlinks to my domain, build backlinks to my posts or something else?
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    No one can ensure you that all of your posts are going to rank. Build good quality links to your posts and wait to get ranked.
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  • It will also look suspicious to Google if all your site posts rank well at the same time. It will look more natural if you schedule which posts you want to post for time period. That way, you can optimize in batches. Less work for you (and headache) for you and better for your website in the long run.
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    First and foremost is content, pay much attention and effort to it, it should be interesting and unique. But when you have so many posts you should think about its protection. Here I would advise you to read about G+ authorship, being an author there Google will detect it and the other websites will be considered plagiary. As for backlinks, you should link not only to posts, but also to categories of your website.
    It will be also useful to inspect your competitors and follow their strategy.
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  • Originally Posted by daronch View Post

    I want to build a site that will eventually have lots of content, something like 100k posts. How do I ensure that my site's posts will well rank on Google?

    Do I have to build authority to my domain, build backlinks to my domain, build backlinks to my posts or something else?
    First, make sure to optimize your posts (on page) for your targeted keywords. Make sure that your content is unique. Interlink your posts to each other and the home page. Then build backlinks to each of your posts that you want to rank.
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    I believe if all posts will be visible for crawler, you will be good. It should be ranked well, pretty much like forum
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    Google change everyday.... I mean the internet marketing world change everyday.

    You can not control it so keep put value content on your site. Google and customers will follow you.
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    First there is no security ranking high on google second with already having a visitor count of 100K what are you doing here?

    Unique WP - Joomla - Drupal templates
    ranking friendly structure included >

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    Write 2200-2600 words long, high quality guide filled with images, videos and links, and wait. After one month or so get busy and create some backlinks if you have to.
    Do what you want to do!
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    Look. You only get paid for Recruiting and Retailing Products. You can have a Million Posts, but you need to Recruit them Or Retail A Product to them to be a customer. What is it that you do..
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    You can use Ahrefs for regular keyword rank monitoring.There is a free Rank checker of
    First, check in your webmaster tool which posts are more visited, impressions. Then create Quality Backlinks for those post.
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    Maybe I can help you to ensure your ranking in Google.
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    it depends on how much u will give time to your site, it is not easy but not impossible, backlink have a huge effect to any site, keep doing work
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    hey there

    great queation..
    First ..use google keyword planner to get the best keyword ideas ... use the keyword ideas that are not saturated
    2nd. make sure keywords are in your title heading and text
    3rd..create great content

    your site will rank very high if you do follow all 3 steps
    talk soon
    sam f
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    It is difficult to analyze all your posts rank well or not in Google. But You can follow some basic SEO strategies to rank well in SERP.

    Start title tags with your target keyword
    Drop Keyword in first 100 words
    Use Outbound Links
    Write click-worthy meta descriptions for each page
    Put your target keyword in the URL
    Add keywords to your post strategically
    Post Long Content
    Take Advantage of Internal Linking
    Image Optimization

    I hope above points will prove helpful for you.
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