Does Black Hat work anymore?

by Arun Sivaraj 14 replies
One crazy question for you guys (maybe one demanding a suggestion against the ethics of proper SEO).
One of my clients wants me to rank their website on the first page of google in US within a couple of weeks. They are basically a tech support company and they never mind what black hat SEO techniques I resort to as long as they get the results/traffic real quick.
They don't even bother if their site gets de-indexed in the long run. Is this possible? If so how? Any suggestions? I found this quite intriguing and challenging at the same time!
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    two words:
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      Originally Posted by gnojham View Post

      two words:

      fiv err?

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        Originally Posted by yukon View Post

        fiv err?

        people dont pick up on my humor all the time, its true
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    No black Hat Techniques. Lot many changes in Seo
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    blackhat seo still works but there is a little bit changes.
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    If black hat didn't work, Google wouldn't put in so much effort to fight against it.
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    Massive PBN'S and Web 2.0 can do, but again if your plan is to use Black Hat methods then how can you even think of ranking high
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    don;t use your precious time with black hat OP. stop planning to ever use this strategy before you regret it in the future.
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  • google rolled several updates to kill blackhats, it might work on bing.
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    rank on first page is not that hard ... gray hat will do with pbn and no crazy anchor text. rank on the top 3 maybe.

    black hat just won't work any more as how can you do black hat if your anchor text does not count? but to be honest I would not have any idea but here is the key - just DO IT - hahaha ... your chance to do crazy stuffs you can't do with legitimate companies -
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    Originally Posted by Arun Sivaraj View Post

    They are basically a tech support company and they never mind what black hat SEO techniques I resort to as long as they get the results/traffic real quick.
    sounds like they are broke and desperate. If so they aren't paying you that much so the problem is not just black hat but only being able to afford a link blast spam fest which is unlikely to work anyway.

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    Well if it does why risk it. Google will change algorithm and boom....your site lost rank or even worse, it's black listed.

    Follow this guide, straight from Google themselves for best long lasting SEO results.
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    It will not beneficial for long term
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    Black hat seo work but dont go black hat seo methods.follow white hat seo methods.its always better to do white hat to get quality backlinks and traffic.
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