What should I do now that Google Keyword Planner is no longer available to me?

by CTHiker 18 replies
What should I do now that Google Keyword Planner is no longer available to me?

What other options should I look at. I used to use it to identify keywords and long tail keywords that I should use in my content. Now I am just guessing.
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    Get an AdWords account or sign up for something like SEMrush.
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    Try using SEMrush. Or use Long Tail Pro for long tail keywords.
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    Google Keyword Planner is really a good tool for the beginner. But it has some problems, it doesn't show the exact searches volume and different advanced options are not available.
    You can KWFinder and SEMRush. These two SEO tools must be really helpful for finding the long tail profitable keywords.
    I am using both tools, really helpful to get the best results.
    Thanks, Munna Hossain.
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    What do you mean that google keyword planner is no longer available to me? Adwords is free and is available for everyone. Anyway there is a lot of keywords research tools: long tail pro, nichereaper, seocockpit, semrush, kwfinder, Ahrefs . . .
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      Hi there,

      Google changed settings for Keyword Planner. Now only people paying money to display ads get KW data. They also do not say how much money you need to be spending to see Keyword Planner data.
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    You should be able to use Keyword Planner. Why is that you are not able to use? When you setup a New Account, Initially you see one small option that says "skip guided process". If you will click on this option, you should be able to use Keyword Planner inside AdWords.

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    You can use KWfinder or sign up to SEMrush.
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    You can try using spyfu and word tracker. You can signup and use these online tools.
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    Yes, Semrush is good.

    But WHY it's not avaible to you?

    If your adwords account got banned u can easily sign up a new one (and get a coupon, just google it).

    Use also Traffic Travis, it has a free version.

    in fact Keyword Planner of google is the free but also the simplest choice u can have
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      I think secockpit is still a good option for keywords research.
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    I highly recommend SEM Rush
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  • There are a lot of alternative tools online namely, SEMRush, Affilotools, or Traffic Travis.
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    I use a handy dandy Chrome add-on called Keywords Everywhere.
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    You try using Long Tail Pro for long tail keywords.
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    Use Ahrefs and google search bar and get most frequently search keywords.
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    K-meta.com can help you check the volume of keyword and analyze your keywords of your competitor, too.
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    Well its no way to not be available for you ,if you mean at exact searches then yea you mean to create a campaign to see exact results .Also if you cannot do either try semrush ,traffic travis etc

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    Spend $1 with Google or even less or just go through setting up a campaign and you will be able to use it as normal.
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