Best 2.0 sites for a link wheel?

by Wiggy0618 63 replies
Am doing some article marketing, and want to incorporate some link wheel tactics into it. (Got an idea I want to try out.) I'm looking for suggestions on the best web 2.0 sites to post info to in order to build a link wheel. So far, I was thinking squidoo, scribd, slide (?), blogger, wordpress, hubpages, and weebly. Was thinking of adding EZA, goarticles, articlesbase, and article dashboard (which would be 11 total), but I'd kinda like sites I could post social bookmarks to, and now since I'm reading that the social bookmarking sites won't let you bookmark articles, I'm rethinking that.

I'll be using EZA in the list either way, but suggestions on the last 3-4 would be welcome and appreciated.

And how well (if at all, really) does something like facebook work for something like this? I'd think that FB wouldn't be a super-great choice, simply b/c the people that end up on the articles/properties that have the link to the FB article wouldn't be able to see it unless you're 'friends' and might be reluctant to request such...

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