Google Adwords account deactivated, good CTR and good Quality Score???

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Hi Warriors,

My first thaught was: is this some kind of 'phishing' message?

Today I got this message in my INbox that my Google Adwords was deactivated for certain
not so clear reasons. But, fact is that they wrote it in French and that it came from Google Adwords France.

I live in Belgium and speak Dutch. My account is set to English. So, I don't see why they would contact me in French. If there were issues with my ads in the past, it was always Google Adwords Netherlands who contacted me.

Apparently it was not 'phishing'. I don't get any impressions, let stand 'Clicks' on my ads. I don't think they even appear anymore.

But, that's actually not the main problem. They never sent me any warnings and my CTR's and Quality scores were pretty good until today. And all of a sudden they send me this message. Not really pleasant to start a new day :-(

I already contacted Adwords support to know what the real problem is, but no answer yet.

Is there any change that they re-activate my Adwords account again?


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    Same here. No reason. No explanation. No response from support. The account had been on auto-pilot for three months.

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    use the response email in your notification

    I really feel sorry for all people again today, i think there seems to many good people who want to do the right thing being hit.

    Why G simply does not stop any ad running that is not wanted over banning people i am not a sure as over time people would learn they are wasting thier time to run rubbish

    again very sorry this has happened to all and hope you have the issues sorted.
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      Dude....I have a thread on here about the exact same thing. Google disabled my account last night and got a similar email. I had a great Quality Score and everything.....The campaign was on pause but when it was running I had over 5% CTR.

      The email did not give any specifics as to why they shut me down except to say I wasn't following their ad policies. Never got any warning, slap on the hand, asked to improve...nothing.
      Just shut me down

      Not sure what avenue to take next.

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        To be honest, I've been on the Adwords forum here in Belgium and the people there have no idea what the cause of deactivating my account may be.

        It's already 10.40 PM here and I've been looking for forums and talkgroups to find solutions since this morning 08.00AM, but to my surprise I Only saw posts from frustrated Adwords advertizers who's account was suspended.

        And still no answer from Adwords support. To be honest, I don't think they're planning to answer my message.
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          I am still hoping this is some kind of joke! Google is doing themselves a huge disservice by eliminating so many advertisers.

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            My hope goes in the same direction. However, I don't hope that they will do the same as some years ago, August 2006 many advertisers saw their CPC climb through the roof.

            The first real big slap that made advertizers pay ten times the CPC they used to before.

            New advertizers will have to deal with this issue.

            They don't earn much from experienced advertizers who know how to optimize a Adwords campaign and pay only cents/click. At least I never paid more than 15 cents/click to as little as 3 cents/click. So, I didn't make them rich and still got a lot of 'cheap' traffic.

            It's impossible to expect that new Adwords advertizers build successful campaigns from the first attempt. Unless there is a time criterium, the age of your account...
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    I don't have any active Adword campaign and got an email that said my account is disabled..but still can use external kw tool
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    I have no real problems with Google, but yes they are awful on this front, just poof and you are done (I'm talking more about friends on adsense in this case). No explanation of what was done and no replies to your emails. I know there are tons out there doing all sort of improper activities, but most (especially like here), just need an explanation and will quickly fix it. I mean they are losing revenue from this as well, but I guess they have no way of telling who is wearing the white hats and who isnt.
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      Happened here too. I spend several hundred dollars a week with G. It's a mass craziness over there right now. I'm on Perry Marshall's email list and apparently there are people who spend over 6 figures a year who got shut down for no reason.

      I guess they just have too much money!

      I'm an online marketer and mortgage loan officer.

      Connect with me at

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    This why you should not rely only on Google guys. There are other search engines.

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    This has also recently happended to me.

    But I can still login to my Adwords account, have any of you tried to login to your Adwords account?

    Please try and let me know here? :confused:
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    Google do not explain why they close accounts so there is no point in asking them.
    As this new "slap" has come so soon after the new FTC gude lines came into effect, it may be that Google felt your site is not FTC compliant. You could also check that none of your links have been banned by Google recently as that will also cause you to lose your account.
    The only way to get round the ban is to come up with a new domain name; user name
    and IP address and start all over again.
    Of course you could use Yahoo or MSN instead as they attract similar numbers of eyeballs to Google without the slaps. Or you could use even cheaper methods than pay per click.................
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      Same has happened to me and a friend of mine.

      No reason given just said have been banned.

      There was nothing wrong with what I was displaying and have no idea why this has happened.

      Not even going to bother emailing them - as they just do what they want and give you no reason.

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