How much do you pay for Facebook advertising?

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Hey guys,

What is the lowest you pay for facebook advertising?

I was able to get a decent clickthrough rate of about 2% and my suggested bid range was .17-.35 but when I did that, my ads don't show anymore. I slowly brought it higher and the lowest I can bid was .39 before my ads showed. Anybody got lower?
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    Well, I originally ventured into this threat to discourage you from using Facebook advertising due to how it vastly underperformed for me, but since you got a good conversion and CTR that's nice.

    However, the price you're quoting is what I paid. I never got lower.

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      Originally Posted by Glassjaw009 View Post

      Well, I originally ventured into this threat
      LOL! Typo of the year!


      If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    I have not had much success at all advertising on Facebook.
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    With 400 Million members, Facebook certainly seems like it would be a good advertising platform. But from the replies here it seems like it is not (for some anyway? or most?)

    Does anyone have any knowledge, ideas, theories on Why it may not be a good advertising platform?
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    If I want to just advertise to my small town on facebook (something like 8,000 users) I can get my bid down to $.09 or so.
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    I strongly suggest anyone to use Facebook in their strategy. Social Media is word of mouth on steroids and if you do it right you can drive lots of relevant traffic. Google is loving backlinks from Social Media sites. Social Media Marketing is growing faster each day and is a key to getting high levels of traffic.

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    PPC on Facebook can make you serious money if you target correctly. Picking some random e-mail submit and showing ads to everyone and their mother is only going to lose you money.

    I banked about $2000 in 3 days advertising a "Twilight" e-mail submit to soccer moms.

    It can be done. Research your demographic and build ads that get their attention.
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      Originally Posted by gtrplyr View Post

      I banked about $2000 in 3 days advertising a "Twilight" e-mail submit to soccer moms.
      If you do not mind, what is "e-mail submit"?

      I am doing life insurance on FB and so far got 0 conversions from 20 clicks. It seems that success with FB heavily depends on a type of product.

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    E-mail submits are offers where the person enters their e-mail address to get something for free (a gift card, a dvd, etc). They have to complete certain offers in order to actually get the "free" gift.

    The network will pay you for each e-mail address that gets submitted. Usually like $1.25-$2.00 per conversion.

    I look for e-mail submits related to hot niches (Jonas Brothers/Twilight/True Blood), which are things I can target by keyword on Facebook. Everyone who sees the ad is already a fan of Twilight (for example) and therefore is much more likely to click on it and submit their e-mail address.

    FB is kinda cracking down on these now, but you can still get them approved (it may take a few tries).
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    It depends what you are marketing on Facebook. I have gotten burned time and time again with CPM. However, I have also had success. If you find something that converts well, Facebook is a Godsend.

    Also, keep in mind that the new Facebook Advertising rules discourage affiliates. So say goodbye to email submits and zip submits. People aren't on Facebook looking for stuff to buy, so its not like search.

    All I'm saying is that you can get burned on FB.

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