Software to scrape Google search results?

by simpleonline1234 6 replies
Anyone know of software that can scrape the Google result pages and place it into a csv....besides scrapebox?

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      You say its not ethical. What is unethical about scraping SERPs exactly?

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      First, scraping is not very ethical and you can get banned very soon.
      Google enforces this rule very well; if you make about 20 requests one after another, you will get a CAPTCHA challenge.

      You should stop thinking about scraping search engine results, honestly. There is APIs for this. Just Google this "google search api" to see.
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    I'm not sure if this is what you look for, as it's not software.

    However there is a site: which I've heared good things about.

    In my "blackhat" days, which is a couple of years back I used scrape genius(if you google it it should be the first hit). It's a free scraper, which supports proxies, but I have no idea if it's updated for the last couple of years.
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    Let them to index naturally and save you account.
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      Evidently you have absdolutely no idea what you are talking about, the OP's question has nothing to do with indexing of anything.

      Scrapeox is the best out there right now, I cant really see why anyone would look for an alternative.

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      Let them to index naturally and save you account.
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