Software to scrape Google search results?

Profile picture of the author simpleonline1234 by simpleonline1234 Posted: 03/28/2010
Anyone know of software that can scrape the Google result pages and place it into a csv....besides scrapebox?

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    I'm not sure if this is what you look for, as it's not software.

    However there is a site: which I've heared good things about.

    In my "blackhat" days, which is a couple of years back I used scrape genius(if you google it it should be the first hit). It's a free scraper, which supports proxies, but I have no idea if it's updated for the last couple of years.
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    Let them to index naturally and save you account.
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    You say its not ethical. What is unethical about scraping SERPs exactly?

    Originally Posted by WebMasterSam View Post
    First, scraping is not very ethical and you can get banned very soon.
    Google enforces this rule very well; if you make about 20 requests one after another, you will get a CAPTCHA challenge.

    You should stop thinking about scraping search engine results, honestly. There is APIs for this. Just Google this "google search api" to see.
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    Evidently you have absdolutely no idea what you are talking about, the OP's question has nothing to do with indexing of anything.

    Scrapeox is the best out there right now, I cant really see why anyone would look for an alternative.

    Originally Posted by hurn View Post
    Let them to index naturally and save you account.
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    Originally Posted by vickykl View Post
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