A good WP Adsense Theme (not the Prosense Junk...) Anyone?

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    Test of just pasting in direct link...

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    ...just kidding. ;-)
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    I saw that shortly the old forum would be locked and no new posts would be added. How soon do you anticipate that happening?

    Should we beat the Christmas rush and just start hanging out here all day instead of over there?
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    Is there a list of smileys in graphical format like there was on the old forum? I've noticed that the smileys automatically insert now instead of needing the old [] format. Way cool, btw.
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    ..a few text links at the bottom right of all threads.

    The REALLY useful one says "top" and it saves repetitive strain injury from too much mouse.

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    My signature isn't working here. How do I fix it and how do I code it?

    By the way. I just can't stop looking at the new forum. I'm VERY Impressed!
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    Are WSOs Being Moved - Or Are All Starting Over?

    I know you'll be answering the details. Just wondering if we should start working on new ones.

    Allen Graves
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    Change is not easy. For some, it's harder than others. I think as we get older
    we get stuck in our ways. There is a reason for cliches like "You can't teach
    an old dog new tricks."

    So what do we do when change is suddenly thrust upon us?

    Well, we have several choices.

    Choice 1 - We can rebel. We can bitch and moan and complain and carry on
    and, in general, make a big stink about it. We can talk about how it's not
    fair and how it's "not the way things used to be." I recall hearing that from
    a lot of my old friends these days...the ones who still long for the good old days.

    Rebellion can take many forms. We can be outright defiant and try to make
    things the way they used to be or we can decide that we're going to retreat
    from society because we no longer want to be part of the new order. I have
    a friend who hasn't gone out of his house in 10 years other than to go to work
    because he doesn't like the way things are these days. It's sad to see a life
    waste away like that.

    Choice 2 - We can accept the change but do nothing to take advantage of it.
    We acknowledge that it's here. We don't fight it. We don't really avoid it either.
    But we look at it as a necessary evil instead of an opportunity to make something
    good of it.

    Choice 3 - We can look at what has changed and see how we can use these
    changes to our advantage. In many cases, change is actually a good thing,
    especially when technology is involved. Think back to when the Internet first
    came out. Did you embrace it, or did you say, "This is stupid, it'll never catch on."

    How we look at things can so influence our success in many areas. The fool will
    look at the changes around him and moan about them, especially if they take him
    outside of his comfort zone. The wise man will look to see how he can benefit
    from them and how maybe he can even help others.

    This new forum is a total mystery to me now. I don't know what new things we
    can do with it and what old things we can no longer do. But I intend to find out.

    I am going to go through every inch of this place and see what Allen has made
    available to us. Hopefully, there are help menus and stuff. I saw something that
    was embedded in another thread called a slide slow. I immediately started to get
    some ideas. And that was just after 30 seconds of being here.

    Yeah, we're not thrilled about losing all our posts, especially those of us who took
    a lot of time to create them.

    But look at it this way. This gives us the opportunity to recreate those posts here
    and maybe even make them better.

    Did you make a post about some tips on some form of promotion? Maybe you should
    take a look at it and see how you can improve on it, especially if it's a post that
    you made a year ago. The Internet changes so much, and Internet marketing itself
    changes so much, that a post you made last month could already be outdated.

    And the great part of this forum is, all of us are starting fresh. We each have a
    chance to make our own mark on this place regardless of whether we've been
    here for a year or a day. In case you haven't noticed, I don't see any starts next
    to anybody's name. I think that's a good thing. We won't go judging people on
    how many posts they have. Instead, we'll judge them by the character that they
    bring to this forum and the assistance they give to those who need it.

    Whether you know it or not, especially if you're one of the fortunate few who are
    successful with your business, there are those here who really need our help. They
    are struggling just to make a few bucks. I doubt they care if that help comes from
    a 5 star Warrior or the guy who just happened to sign up who really DOES know
    what he's doing because he's been in the trenches and has the battle scars to
    show for it.

    So here is your chance to make a difference to others or have a difference made in
    your life. There are those who are here to help and in need of help.

    It doesn't matter who YOU are.

    Because we're all in this together.

    That's the one thing that really HASN'T changed.
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    I must live under a rock. I had no idea the forum was moving until I saw the new forum link at the top of the old one. Really, I'm surprised I saw it.

    I would make that sucker MUCH BIGGER! Then again, maybe I'm the only dunce in Warrior Nation.

    Other than the link, will there be a PM and/or email sent directing everyone over here?

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    If you have a site or know of someone who does, or anything like that Im looking for a designer to work with on a regular, long term basis.

    Mary Green
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    Since this is new to all of us, why not try the Rep Power Button...

    to see if it works of course.

    Just click mine and we'll see.
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    If you haven't noticed, when your profile was switched to the new forum, the sig file was likely messed up. It changed the forum code [] tags to html <> tags. Just go to the UserCP tab and click on "edit signature" on the left menu.

    There may be other bugs as well. I'm not sure. But it would be a good idea to check out your sig settings and make sure everything is the way you want it.

    Someone also mentioned that their default PM settings did not transfer. You may want to check that out as well.
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    I was pretty much freaked out , when i wasnt getting my wf password for over half an hour. Anyway , it did land in my spam box and strangely on page 2 . Anyway , after that , it took 15 minutes for password to land in my email.

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    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! We'll have to start over from the beginning and re-create all 80 pages, one post at a time.
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    I'm sure you have noticed the Pictures of other warriors on their posts. Here's how to change yours:

    1) Click "User CP" on the red nav bar on top.

    2) Now on the left nav bar, go to "Edit Avatar" NOT "Profile Pic"

    3) Make sure the picture is 80x80 Pixels or else it wont work.

    4) Start posting like crazy so you can look at your pretty face.
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    Hi, could we make this a sticky please?

    I think there are 1000s of warriors there waiting for this.

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    Hi Guys,

    Welcome to our new family home

    The best bit is I get my name change from ukhopeful to Graham Maddison...at last.


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    Just wondering about the implications of the move!?

    Will we still have access to our old posts/ threads etc.?

    Also, i had to re register .wouldn't let me in with my old log in.....so waht about our post count history.....is that lost?

    oh no!

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    Excited to post in the new forum.
    I have been away for few weeks from the main warrior forum
    due to some work i have here......

    I came back and saw the new forum,
    and you know what it is AMAZINGLY FAST,
    I can read every thread faster in less time
    as compared to the previous forum....

    Looking forward to read and share the great content
    in this new forum.

    Thanks to Allen and his team for doing all hard work
    to provide us the Warriors a more exciting place to
    learn and share....

    Wish you all BEST of Luck in NEW forum :-)
    Mohsin Rasool

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