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Hi, my name is Joseph Archibald (some of you may know me for my article writing on the Warrior Forum) and I welcome you to this 40 day Challenge - “top 5 in Google within 40 days!”.

Let me just clarify this a bit please. Forgive me here – its rather a long definition and explanation as to what I intend to do, but its fully necessary just to make it as crystal clear as I can do so. For anyone remotely interested in SEO it should be interesting reading nevertheless.

One of the recent posts on the WF in this part of the forum was along the lines of “how to define a good to great keyword?”.

Excellent question! But one that can only be answered truly by the person who wishes to make the definition. Meaning one of the following:

* would you wish to attain a high ranking for a keyword phrase that is going to bring you buyers regardless there are perhaps only around 2 thousand searches per month in Google stats? (Very possibly a long-tail keyword).

* or are you looking to rank a keyword phrase that has 50,000 + searches a month and not too concerned about it being a buyer-related keyword? After all, with a large search volume, no matter your chosen keyword you should get at the very least a few sales, right (or wrong)?

* or perhaps the definition for you relates much more about how much competition there is in the likes of Google. If I stipulate something along the lines of 20 million competition for the same keyword phrase you wish to rank for, does that mean its a good or great keyword if you can indeed rank highly for it?

I know there are other ways to define a good or great keyword – some based more upon your own personal reasoning and requirements, perhaps. A good or great keyword is in the eye of the beholder – yes, similar to beauty...

For me then, a good or great keyword (or beautiful keyword, if you like) for this particular exercise would have to encompass a number of those points above, if not all 3 together. Namely:

1. must have potential buyers (not necessarily long tail however)

2. must have over 50 thousand searches a month as per Google stats in the Google External keyword tool – this is the EXACT MATCH and not BROAD

3. well okay, the competition as per the Google stats is not what I would focus on at all. I don't care if there are 5,000 comp or 50 million comp. There are other factors more important at play than this sort of competition. But for the sake of many, I shall indeed mention the competition of my chosen keyword

Okay, onwards. My intention is to detail the process of ranking my chosen keyword/keyword phrase – call it what you will, in Google, in the top 5 within a 40 day time frame from very start (once I have chosen my keyword and announced this on this thread) to very end. I shall only purchase the chosen keyword AFTER this challenge begins, and would expect it to be Google indexed some 5 days or so after I make the purchase.

40 days may be too short a time for a top 5 – this has yet to be seen. There can be no guarantee because ultimately its up to Google, and there are a number of other factors that I am obviously unable to control. I will however, do my best!

Why am I doing this? Why do I want to expose my deep SEO secrets to you, a stranger? And why would I wish to risk my reputation on the Warrior Forum (and beyond). Hmmmm.... good question really – its rather nerve racking!

There are a number of reasons, but one is to help to educate and offer support for many folks who are really struggling with choosing keywords and ranking webpages in the likes of Google. I do totally and absolutely know how incredibly frustrating and seemingly unattainable this whole process seems, particularly when new at the “game” of SEO. I spent a load of time and a load of money (most of which was a waste) on trying out new techniques in an effort to make money online.

Fairly early on however, I realized that perhaps the best way was to learn SEO. And thus I embarked upon learning the ropes and putting into practice various techniques until I had honed my skills enough as to be at least relatively successful.

And no, I shall not reel off my successes and boost my flagging ego – how much money I make, how many sites I have ranking in the top 5 or 10 of Google and how many at number 1... Its not relevant to the Challenge.

Let this Challenge speak for itself as to whether I know and understand the world of search engine optimization or not (SEO Google fashion, that is). If you gain something from it that you can add this to your own ability for ranking a decent keyword, then you can argue that the Challenge has indeed justified itself, at least for you.

After all, ranking sites/keywords/keyword phrases on a regular basis only comes with practice and with practice comes improvement. If you can learn from others who have made a ton of mistakes beforehand (that's me!) then you are a big step forward indeed! Less mistakes for you to make, which means success should come sooner rather than later.

Finally, I shall relay to you in my posts on this thread every aspect to my campaign for the chosen keyword. That's not at all to say that I do this for all my campaigns. It depends upon the competition, the target market and how motivated I am haha!

And for sure, I am not claiming I am some form of genius (ah, if only!). I merely wish to show one way – one set of techniques in reaching a potential goal as far as SEO is concerned.

There are many other ways to go about reaching the same goal – what I shall show to you here is just a single method that can be learned by anyone with half a notion. You are then free to utilize this method or to build on it for perhaps even more successes of your own.

The method I am going to outline here is far and away from being perfect, or indeed its not at all one of the best. Its just one way to achieve high rankings, and to achieve high rankings very regularly - if you have the motivation to do so.

If you've read this far, then many thanks for that – you may be one of few! Lol!

Oh, and further information can be found at my blog here
The Thrill of Good Quality SEO makes my Life a Better Place!

Its fairly new hence there is not a vast amount of content. Interesting reading nevertheless.

I shall make a diary of progress and my reasons why I do things on the blog too.

Now sit back and enjoy the ride!

To our success!

Kind regards
Joseph Archibald

As a postscript, and a la Terry Kyle style, if you feel that this thread is of value then do please feel free to provide a vote of thanks by clicking the Thanks button which is just below and on the right side, thank you!
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    Hi Joseph, I'll look forward to it.
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      Hi Joseph,

      After reading your post from the start to the very end, I am sure that I will follow you from the start of your project here to the very end too...

      All the best of luck and JUICE...
      Signature's First Multilingual Neighbourhood Social Network!
    • Profile picture of the author jacked
      great thread, still have to finish reading but I have learned a lot from this when I read through most of it a month ago and so far have had great success, one of my sites which I built 3 weeks ago is already on the first page for a competitive adsense keyword with over 48k searches per month


      Comments, Profiles, Pyramids, Bookmarks, Article Submissions, Web 2.0 Creation, & Much MORE
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    Thanks for your support guys! Much appreciated (and much needed too!)
    Best wishes...
  • Profile picture of the author wnatc1
    Looks like a good thing to follow. Look fwd to it
    • Profile picture of the author JosephA
      I'm using Scroogle Scraper here to work out who is who on my potential top 5 rankings. In the case you don't know about Scroogle Scraper - its a software (website) that allows you to search for Google rankings and its unbiased. Thus, it will not necessarily show up your own site as being number one, simply because its unbiased towards you, whereas Google is not. Google will take a bias towards your own search requirements.

      Also, for purposes of this challenge, Scroogle Scraper is okay - albeit it does provide different results in different countries. Over-all though, its probably fairer to assess for a top ranking using the Scroogle rather than a general Google search query.

      I could fire up another software I have (paid for) - SEO Elite, and do further assessments, but this is not entirely necessary I think. I don't want folks to go buying all forms of software for keyword searches and all sorts, when to be honest much of the best research can be done totally and absolutely free.

      Take the Google External Keyword Tool as a perfect example of free at its best!!

      I think I've finally got my keyword.

      More on that shortly...

  • Profile picture of the author PolarBearAK

    This is going to be a very interesting thread and I plan to follow it.

    Thanks for the information, and best wishes in reaching your goal.
  • Profile picture of the author JosephA
    Thanks Wnatc, Rhodie and Polar Bear - really appreciate your support on this! Its gonna be a fun ride for all (I hope)!

    Just a note to anyone who is following the thread but not made any comment as yet. Please do so - I welcome all comments (within reason) - and I really do appreciate just a simple comment like those who have very kindly just done so. I really do!

    Even if you have not posted before on this forum I want to hear from you. This thread is for anyone that feels it will be of benefit be that you are making a whole heap of money on the internet and your marketing efforts or that you have still to make a single buck!

    I don't care - this is for you regardless where you are at with regards to your SEO!

    Best wishes to everyone, and thanks again for reading along!

    • Profile picture of the author JosephA
      So, what am I looking for when assessing my comp in Google?

      Yup, top 10 to top 20 ranking in Google for my desired keyword.

      I will then go through each of them - check them out - my potential competition in Google that is. Assess their website.

      To be honest, I'm not going to be winning any ranking prizes for my site design skills (please read my recent post (30 April on my website

      I Made a Mess of Working on an HTML – Based Site


      Simple and fast is what turns me on (I'm discussing websites here). So when I'm checking some of these sites now (my potential top competition in Google) - well, they are indeed very arty and nice to look at. Some are a bit clunky though - difficult to navigate around. This puts me off. I like nice simple interfaces.

      Take Go Daddy for example. Nice and glossy for sure, but geeee - so difficult to navigate. Far too many offers all over the place. I don't use Go Daddy at all now - in part due to this clunky set up/interface, and in part cos they've caused me all sorts of problems when trying to register a simple domain name. Their security measures seem to me to be way over the top!

      I use Dynadot for ALL my new site registrations. Its fairly simple and gloss-free. Its also a bit cheaper than Go Daddy, unless you want .info domains, which are incredibly cheap on Go Daddy - last time I looked anyhow.

      After a while, you get what is called "bulk-buy" discounts on Dynadot. Thus, I can get a .com for a low price of $7.50 (almost 11 bucks on Go Daddy!) or a .net for only $5.99. Fantastic! I think .org is about $8 or so.

      Hmmm... I got sidetracked...

      I look firstly for Google PR when assessing my potential competition. Say my competition in the top 10 all have PR5s or so, well then, I have a job on my hands! If the keyword is really worth going for (its going to offer really good pay-back in one form or another) then this will not necessarily put me off.

      What else? How many pages are Goog indexed? Many of the big boys and girls who are ranking at the top for the best keywords (best here I mean by most searched for) have massive websites with often in excess of half a million pages indexed. Don't let that put you off in entirety. But keep it in mind that if you do come across smaller sites your job may be made rather easier to outrank them.

      What next? Well of course - backlinks!! Sure thing, you will NEVER find out how many backlinks your comp really have, but you can get a very rough idea by doing a Yahoo search for the site in question (see * below) and then you should at least double that figure and more. Yahoo shows up more backlinks to a site than do Google (by a long way!).

      There is a feature in Google Webmaster account where you can find the number of links to a site, which I understand is possibly a more accurate assessment. Don't know though, I stick with the Yahoo determination of backlinks to a site.

      There is no software product that I know about that will be able to show all the backlinks to any website. I use SEO Elite on occasion - a product by Brad Callen and his brother Matt, but even this fairly expensive software will not tell me all I need to know.

      Now if you were really doing your homework you would also check out these backlinks. Where are they coming from? What is the PR of the sites that they are coming from? Are they very much related sites to the one we are researching - the one we are just about to build?

      Unfortunately you can't see the hyperlinked text in the backlink (maybe you could if you want to load up each individual website but that would take days to do).

      Next up - domain age. The older the domain the more established it is, and this gives it "weight" and makes it more difficult (although not impossible!) to outrank.

      And finally, the Alexa ranking. Obviously if you are competing against a site that is top thousand ranking in Alexa, then again, you have a job on your hands. Stand up all those who work a lot on product-related domains. You all know precisely what I mean here, right? Your Amazons, your eBays, your NextTags, and your YouTubes and EzineArticles etc.

      Quite frankly these sites are a pain in the behind if you want to rank high for product-related stuff, for example, toys, work tools, jewelry and so forth. But, one thing you got in your favor against such mighty sites as these is...

      Most of 'em don't have time to get backlinks to their specific product webpage. Thus the page will not be ranking on backlinks but on the other factors just mentioned. Well okay then, we all know that backlinks are mighty powerful in the eyes of the major search engines, right? Dang sure they are too! So we can't compete with these mighty sites on most of the above factors can we? But, we most certainly can when it comes to high quality backlinks to our sites/web pages, which is PRECISELY WHAT WE ARE GOING TO DO! Wow, we're on a roll now!

      YOu see, ranking in the search engines is really about being just that bit more savvy than your competition - and that includes those massively powerful guys and girls up there that we all know so well. THEY CAN AND WILL BE BEATEN BY US LITTLE (VERY SMART) FOLKS!!

      Mmmmm... there is something else here too that can go in our favor/favour - our choice in domain name! Now okay, I don't work much with nor with Yahoo! Search, so I don't really know for sure if they really rate a relevant domain name like Google does. I suspect they actually do though - and I say this because I have obviously done some checking with regards my own sites in the past, and often times I've been ranking rather nicely in Yahoo and in Bing too. More on this to come.

      Okay, so what do I mean by our choice in domain name? Most IM'ers (internet marketers) know that by plucking out a domain name with an exact match to our keywords/keyword phrase we wish to rank for, we will certainly be given some advantage, some kudos in and by Google.

      I have to say that its not so unusual to see some site with a PR0 that is less than a year old that is ranking well against some other sites that have high PR and are years and years old. Furthermore, sometimes these PR0 sites have little to no backlinks to be seen.

      So what the heck is going on here?

      The site owner nabbed the domain name that was up for grabs that was a 100% match to their desired keywords. For example... desired keywords "toys for Christmas 2010". Our domain name would be (or .org or .net). Hmmm, I ain't checked to see if that domain is available... If not, what about Christmas 2011 and so on...?? If we were to get those domain names some years in advance imagine the power they would have in Google's eyes come Christmas time of that particular year. There you have a hot tip for free!

      Okay, I will not labor on about this as most of us get it anyhow. Its not so easy to get decent domain names now anyhow, if this is your game. I have another method however, that it seems to me to provide equally good results, and ultimately "can" lead to top Goog rankings.

      No secret but its often overlooked by folks who are glued to the idea of getting a precise match no matter what!

      There is one more thing I did not mention - cache. If the site has been cached recently it generally means that its been updated, which is no bad thing. After all, we are told that one of the advantages of a blog (no matter its a WordPress blog or what) is that its set up to be updated fairly regularly, thus it will be cached in Google etc fairly often.

      To be honest, I don't necessarily think this makes a large difference because it seems to me that many of the top-ranking sites are not updated often at all. By all means come back to me if you have a different opinion on this, thanks.

      More soon...


      * If you use Firefox for your searches then you should if not already done so, download the SEO Quake tool. Free, of course! Once you have this installed, for every web search you make you will see (provided you turn the tool on for use) all the stats for Google PR's, the number of indexed pages in Google, Yahoo and, age of domain etc. etc. Totally
      if you want to do regular SEO work for your own websites, it really is!
    • Profile picture of the author rehema
      Joseph thank you this is really marvelous I did not really believe that you will make it to this fare that you have reached. Please keep on with the good were on you shoulders peeping on your screen thanking for welcoming are
      Re: 40 Day Challenge – Top 5 in Google Within 40 Days! Okay then, here is what I have managed to do so far today. Still a few hours left for more, of course!

      I completed my spinning of an article I wrote late last night to provide me with some 250 different versions of this article with around a 50% uniqueness over-all. Having used a few of those articles today for submissions etc. (including to who happily accepted the article), I find that they are not absolutely perfect with regards syntax. This is to be expected though, particularly when you are trying to write/compose articles when the old brain is a bit tired.

      Nevertheless, I do go through each article before submission to any article directory or to my own site (or submission to any where for that matter) and ensure the article is at the very least good quality. Its a stipulation that I ensure I fulfill these days, at least for the vast majority of my submissions. These are not Pulitzer-prize winners. They are not even on par with my writing work on the WF for clients - those were generally very high quality stuff - go read the feedback on my other thread if you wish to see for yourself. You know my username on here so just search for it.

      Enough banging my own drum. Do forgive me!

      I then went on to submit to the 6 Do-Follow article directories mentioned in a previous post. Rather than submitting the same article to each directory I submit my spun articles instead, thus reducing any potential for a footprint, particularly thinking about Google here! I don't just change the title and the bio box. I actually change every thing and also vary the hyper-text too in the bios.

      By the way, if you are interested, the spinning software I use is Jon Ledger's The Best Spinner. Its simply superb! Before using this piece of software I tried a number of other spinners but I simply disliked them rather intensely. Now its a different matter.

      Here is my own personal review of The Best Spinner

      The Best Spinner Review

      It saves so much time that in my opinion if you are serious about SEO'ing your sites this is a MUST HAVE! Providing you don't already use spinning software that is.

      I then took a couple of paragraphs from my previously spun article and did a further spin on those to provide me with 120 word snippets. What do I use the snippets for?

      I can use the snippets to then insert a link back to my web page of choice. A single hyper-text link per 100+ word snippet. The hyper-text can be anything of choice, albeit no vulgarity or sex stuff or gambling related.

      I find creating snippets of text like this a breeze! Even when your motivation is flagging (my own certainly does at times!), writing out some snippets with the spinner is simple. Thus it does not take much motivation to make progress.

      I love using snippets like this for getting a link back to my site, its simply so simple, it simply is!

      But, you are asking, what do I do with the snippets of text?

      I use a service called Blog Blueprint to upload the text snippets and then these are drip-fed at the rate of 20 per day to blogs and other websites, thus I am able to attain rather a lot of very nice little text links without too much work.

      Want to learn more about Blog Blueprint?

      Yup, you guessed it, I did a review of that one too on my site which you can find here...
      Blog BluePrint Review

      I have reviewed most of the tools I use very, very regularly for my SEO work and posted those to my website at...

      The Thrill of Good Quality SEO makes my Life a Better Place!

      I think this is a fair way for people such as yourself to see for yourself what actually really does work, and work well, with regards to attaining backlinks or for other jobs that we SEO'ers have to do regularly.

      And please, before anyone takes a swipe at me for hard-sell. This is merely telling people who come to read this thread about great bits and pieces of software. Its informing my fellow SEO'ers, as I would do a good friend really!

      More to come....

      bearing with us.

      Start Building your blog now at

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      Great post - Pat Flynn at referred me to this post

      No affiliate links in sig files

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      Great info, thanks very much.

  • Profile picture of the author Mohammad Afaq
    Just bookmarked this thread and I'll keep an eye on it

    “The first draft of anything is shit.” ~Ernest Hemingway

  • Profile picture of the author UMS
    Regarding domain names, I couldn't agree more about Godaddy. They are an absolutely awful site to navigate.

    The other popular domain provider that a lot of IMers use and recommend it Namecheap. If you check, before registering a domain, you can always get a coupon to knock of a dollar or two.
    • Profile picture of the author JosephA
      Mohammad, welcome and thank s for stopping by! Enjoy the "ride"!

      UMS, yup, totally! Go Daddy should now be called "SLOW DADDY". I find the site so, so slow to work with cos its gotten so clunky and big.

      Good tip about and the coupons being available. I'm sure I checked them out a couple months back for a small glut of domains I was going to bye up only to find that cos it was the beginning of a new month all the coupons had expired. Life goes on, huh...

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    Hi..Joseph...really looking forward to your article...and good luck for your success.

    Guest post links are effective when they are contextual and natural!!

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