Can you have the exact same content on 2 different websites?

by bigballin6161 28 replies
I currently have a big website with 28 pages and it is ranking well. I want to make another website in the same niche and want to rank for a different keyword. I will obviously have to change my home page a bit but can I basically copy my whole website over without getting slapped around by google?
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    I suggest not. The copied content on the new site might affect your first site's rankings, knowing that the new site will be eventually indexed by major search engines. It's a big slap, trust me. It's best to create new and unique contents on your next website, or spin your existing articles to make it unique (but I suggest making new content from scratch).
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      What you're talking about is exactly where the whole duplicate content issue started. People who had a website at number one in the search engine results decided to create a second website with the exact same content...the thinking was that Google likes the first one so they will also like the second one and maybe that one will turn up in position number two...make a third duplicate website and take position number could end up owning the whole page of search results for your niche! Google caught on and they de-indexed those websites. I remember how some long term members of the Warrior Forum posted that they had tried it and they lost websites that were making them good money. Keep in mind that if Google thinks you're deliberately trying to game the search engines by using the same content, whether it's in your own site or a second site, then you're in trouble. I can remember when we took content that ranked well in the search results and created thousands of pages of that same content but with headings and URLs like content-New York, content-Boston, content-Atlanta in order to try to rank for people looking from those areas... google caught on and we were toast

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    Actually Google does not like mirrored sites.
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    Yes you can but it is less effective in SEO.
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    I will say 'No' as search engines don't like duplicate content. Unique, original and quality content is key to success.
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    if you want to get banned from search engines then you can put similar content , according to me change in meta part is entirely different thing. try to put unique and genuine content to get good ranking.
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    Don't put the exact same content on another site. This will cause on your SEO process.
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    hey don't copy the content...Google hates duplicate content..and you can be penalized for that or even you can be banned..but BTW why do you want another website with same content??
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    If you want to use different set of keywords then don't use same content.
    it will be of no use.
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    Originally Posted by bigballin6161 View Post

    I currently have a big website with 28 pages and it is ranking well. I want to make another website in the same niche and want to rank for a different keyword. I will obviously have to change my home page a bit but can I basically copy my whole website over without getting slapped around by google?
    You can create the other site with the same content but do not link the 2 sites together. For the new site to be created, build many backlinks to the internal pages and you will have a top ranking site.
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      This topic is rather strange if you think about it. I find it very disturbing that I could lose search engine rankings if I copy my own content from one site to another. If this is the case, I could rankings if someone else steals my content and copies it to their own website.

      This actually happened to me once. I was ranking number one for a certain keyword phrase. After I lost rankings for that keyword phrase, I came across a post that was stolen from me and was ranked about number 3 while I was off the charts!

      This is a VERY unfair practice when you really think about. We have no control over people copying our content. The sad part is that if someone does this, it could ruin the honest persons site authority with Google.
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    I've done it for a local client, owner was on a budget. First site still ranks #1-2. Second copy site ranks about 10 spots lower. But this was diffrent wording on the site, but it's almost a duplicate, same template, content, etc. I wouldn't advise it unless you have no other choice, in my case the client did'nt.
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    Originally Posted by bigballin6161 View Post

    I currently have a big website with 28 pages and it is ranking well.
    Big website? 28 pages? Huh?

    What's a small website, 1 page?
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    I just noticed this thread is 2 years old, who stirred up the old thread for a backlink? :rolleyes:
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      Originally Posted by yukon View Post

      I just noticed this thread is 2 years old, who stirred up the old thread for a backlink? :rolleyes:
      This isn't the only one. This stuff is happening all too often lately.
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    Damn. Didn't even notice the original posting date. I normally see that as there are way too many unnecessary thread resurrections.
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    I guess you should not go with having a same content on different sites.If you are going with it then don't link them and see the results on your own.It will affect your ranking.
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    Don't make mirrored sites because Google wasn't like this kinds of duplicate contents and it affects your website keyword ranking and website also.
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    It doesn't matter of its exact then it is not good. You need unique on both IMO.
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    I'm a newbie in SEO but from what I've heard I think It's a very bad idea
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    If it happens so, then the site will get penalized.
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    You can have same content but it will be a big problem for you as they will be called mirror sites and google is very strict about mirror sites . Also you may be a victim of competition between your two sites .
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    I would say dont use duplicate content on a new site on the one hand only because web 2.0 sites like Hubpages will not allow you to use duplicate content. They are a huge site with 20,000,000 or so daily views and according to them it will hurt rankings having duplicate content. The have cracked down BIG time as if lately on this and users who do this including restricting the ability to both publish new content or update old content while the post goes thru a review process.

    Now on the other hand, there are tons of sites that use feeds to republish posts from sites in their niche which is simply duplicate content yet they are not punished or penalized for using someone else content. This has been going on for EVER and it will never stop. There are some things that no matter how hard they try "G" will never be able to stop. To me "G" is engaging in (SHOCK AND AWE) with IMers.

    I would bet that only about 1% of all websites are ever negatively affected by these UPDATES. Thinks about it, "G" makes all of it's money from ads. Could they afford to knock down tons of these highly visited sites from the front page and replace them with sites that have higher bounce rates. If bounce rate is high then visitors wont stay long on these sites and that means no ad clicks and no revenue for them or the site owners. Avg. time on site has always been a factor and everyone is acting like Panda and Penguin has all of a sudden made this a factor.

    I say do what you have always done, just add marketing techniques that you never used before to your tactics. This is a simple business decision "G" has made to increase the number of their products that web users use to make up for the loss in market share that their cash cow has lost to other ad services. They are the biggest SE but they know that that wont always be the case so they are using clout to diversify and it's more effective to go after a few top IMers sites to scare the rest into the fishing net than to admit their business model is not as effective. Besides, I have seen more WF members on here say that they have seen no or increased PR than a loss in rankings.

    It's and age old tactic. If you want to raise the next generation to believe in a new god "G" then you change the way that their parents perceive their current god "SEO." The results is that the new generation of children "New IMers" will not believe in the "SEO" god and his/her beliefs of how life should be "the internet." But instead they will follow the new god "G" and his/her commandments"Youtube" "Adsense" "Adwords" and so on. It's business, nothing personal!

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