Help Me Understand Google Keyword Tool Results

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First off, I always use Exact Match filter.
Now, what are the differences between Global and Local search volumes?
Is "local" Google searches only, or organic searches only, and "global" is all searches?

I'm also having a hard time relating "Competition" to "Est CPC".
For example
Keyword - [genealogy searches]
Competition - 0.85
Global Mo Searches - 210
Est Avg. CPC - $0.61
Google Results - 275,000

Keyword - [find your family free]
Competition - 0.89
Global Mo Searches - 28
Est Avg. CPC - $0.05
Google Results - 690,000,000

If the competition relates to adwords, why the big disparity in cpc?
If the competition relates to competing sites, why the huge disparity?
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    Well the difference between global and local is this:

    Global searches are the total of searches made from all versions of google I.e.

    Local is just the searches in your local - based on your geographic location

    I'm not experienced with adwords so I don't know about that. I think it's something to do with the relative competition in that niche rather than compared to all niches, that's why you can have a full competition bar and a low CPC
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      So, my being in the U.S., Google "local searches" are all searches on
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