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If you make a post on another related blog and you see later that for some reason that blog has now given you over 100 back links from different posts, will that hurt rankings with Google?
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    If it was that easy you could demolish your competition fast.

    This kind of thing happens with blogs a lot, Google knows it.
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    i too wondered this as i posted a comment with a backlink on just one blog and got 320+ backlinks lol did nothing for me though
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    Originally Posted by mraffiliate View Post

    If you make a post on another related blog and you see later that for some reason that blog has now given you over 100 back links from different posts, will that hurt rankings with Google?
    I wouldn't complain but I don't think they will last, it is most likely a sidebar link (which would show up in every page) which they have the latest comments but it could be knocked off with fresher posts.

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      Thanks for the info. I was wondering because I am trying to rank this site in the local organic search and it is being a bear. The one main keyword I'm trying to rank for was on page 6 then jumped to page one and now back to page 6.

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    No, it won't hurt your ranking. Google is aware and takes this into account.
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    After writing a new article and then submitting that to a few top rated directories, your contents would get picked by other sites admins and this way, the same contents would be copied and pasted across the net and within a few days, tens of links might be gained but after a while as you check Google most of them might be gone.

    Gaining so many links from articles submitted is not a bad sign for SEO outcomes on the net since these links will not seem so powerful either. Google knows that contents might get picked by webmasters who have found informative sites and there won't be any problems.
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    This happened to me once (a month or two ago) and it has not hurt my Google ranking at all, to my knowledge. So from experience I can tell you it won't get you de-indexed or anything.
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