Why are my ads disapproved, and what can I do?

by grimace_86 5 replies
Hey warriors, hopefully someone can help shed some light on why google keeps disapproving my ads, and what I can do to remedy it.

The reason they are disapproving my ads are due to "site policy". I've looked through their guidelines and I believed I had it all covered, but obviously I don't. My ads are being disapproved after a few hours max of setting them up.

I thought I might make sense to show you the ads and landing page, so hopefully someone can point me in the right direction.

Here are 2 ads I've tried using.

How To Play Guitar Chords
Get My Guitar Chords Guide In
Exchange For Your Honest Feedback.

How To Play Guitar Chords
Get My New Guitar Chords Guide
Before It's Released To The Public

This is the landing page: How To Play Guitar Chords - Guitar Chords For Beginners

Can some please help...


#search engine optimization #ads #disapproved
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    You have overlapping pictures and text. I had a hard time finding where to enter my email and couldn't click the submit button. But that's not what Google objects to.

    Is it really free? It certainly sounds like it but asking for an email may make Google think you're just trying to collect emails which is in the guidelines. Kind of strange you'd offer something for free now and advertising it when you say you will be selling it for $17. It raised my flag so you can be sure it raises Google's as well.

    The real problem, once I figured the overlapping stuff (did you load your site in Firefox?) and clicking the free guitar lessons image is that makes it a bridge page. That new page is just repeating what you said, that is, to enter my email in exchange for free lessons. I think if you get rid of that link, you'll be OK.
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    Looks like your trying to hide the "Privacy Policy" & "Terms of Service" links, change the color to black & fix all the overlapping + the link that reads "Footer Text (edit here)".
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    For all the clever stuff you feel you have done, Google has decided to be a little more straight forward.

    Clean up your pages and set up a second set of accounts with new info, you have a good chance of just spinning your wheels if you expand to other sites.
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    Just follow whats google wants, so that your ads will be approve, and for some aspect all moderator will disapproved once you did not follow their rules.
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