Social bookmark slap!

by neilruss 0 replies
I'm trying to find an answer to this and have found mixed opinions;
Which is better: using an automated bookmarking service to submit your blog post to 30+ different networks or submitting to a few and trying to get people to rate it highly?
Let me explain this a bit better; I've been experimenting with onlywire and to submit posts to lots of bookmarking sites together but I'm always weary of this type of automated submission. So on research I found some people saying you can get a google slap for this and that google will not rate the post highly if it's been submitted only once to lots of social bookmarking sites and all at the same time and that it's a lot better to focus on one or two like digg or stumble upon for example and to get a lot of people to digg or like it, this way google will consider it a valuable post and rank it higher. Any advice would be much appreciated.
#search engine optimization #bookmark #onlywire #slap #social

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