How to check if links are indexed

by Juba1 11 replies
Hi all

this is probably a silly question but what is the best way to check if a list of backlinks have been indexed by google?

Any help appreciated.
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    by yahoo site explorer, you can do this, or google webmaster tools
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    Yahoo site explorer, or any backlink checker for that matter will NEVER show all of your backlinks. Just put the page the backlink is on in "quotes" in Google and see if the page shows up.

    Backlinks technically aren't indexed -> they're crawled. The page that they are on gets indexed or re-indexed which will have a link that gets crawled leading to your page.
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      Thanks for the replies guys.

      I have about 150 links which I created all pointing to my site so I guess it's a matter of doing a check in quotes manually to see how many have been crawled.

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    If you want to know if a specific link on a specific url has been seen by Google yet, then search for the url. On the serp, click the cache. If the link is in the cache, Google has found it.
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    You can also do the following search:

    in Google to see if the site has been indexed. This is a guaranteed method, whereas searching just the site name in quotes might get you some other sites too.
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    Use scrapebox is your are checking large quantities of links
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      If it's a short list you can just append the URL with the site: prefix. If you have a long list of URLs then you can download one of the free tools that will do this for you in bulk:

      Free Link Checker - ScrapeBox
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        Why bother? Seems like a complete waste of time to me.

        Pages with your link on them don't even need to be indexed in order to "count".
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          @Scott - If the page has not been crawled by Google, they will not have found the link!

          One that no-one has mentioned... you can also use google analytics or your server logs to find additional pages (i.e. listed as traffic source) that link to you that have not been crawled. Link to those pages from web 2.0 properties for higher link saturation.

          "If there is no door, it becomes necessary to break out through the wall."

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            Thanks for the additional help guys.
            I checked out Scrapebox and it works great.
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            Originally Posted by lexilexi View Post

            @Scott - If the page has not been crawled by Google, they will not have found the link!
            I agree, but OP didn't say anything about pages being crawled, he wants to check if pages are indexed.

            Lots of pages (such as forum profiles) are often crawled, but not indexed. Google still sees the link, even if the page isn't indexed.
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