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Can aynone recommend GOOD wordpress themes optimized for adsense, not the usual "prosense" etc. junk themes?

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    Also looking for an adsense optimized wordpress theme. thanks for the info.
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    The best Adsense optimized theme I know of (and I looked for one for a long time) is called

    HeatMap Theme

    WordPress Adsense Ready Theme - HeatMap Theme

    You can use the free version or get the premium one... I think it is the best Adsense theme available.
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    I don't think there is a magical theme. I have had just as much success with the Wordpress 3.0 default theme than any of the 'optimised' themes. I have used the MFA themes and had failures, too.

    I think you are better of using a theme that looks good and is easy to use. A lot of the MFA themes are just painful. Avoid the magazine style themes that are too busy - even for normal use.

    Any 2 column layout should give you decent success, but yeah...the default WP3 theme is a good one! (the way you can customise the navigation is very handy! Quick to get a site up and running, too. )
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    The new WP 3.0 Twenty Ten theme is quite good although you may need to know a little HTML/CSS/PHP tweaking to get it where you want.

    My recently updated dateless mini-site theme (link in sig) uses WP 3.0 features that allow you to have custom logo, background graphic and colors and uses the standard WP widget interface to allow you to place ads in the best spots for Adsense, eBay EPN and Amazon.
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    Blue Bucks adsense theme works good for me
    SEO Optimized Blue Bucks Adsense theme for wordpress blogHosterio
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    I would suggest using Artisteer, and create your own premium theme. It is really easy to use and the themes are clean and professional doesn't look like cookie cutters that are MFA. I had fun making a few themes myself for my own Adsense sites.

    Thesis theme is another clean and customizable theme, I find it expensive though.

    Another nice theme I enjoy is the Flexibility 3 theme (just recently launched) and it is free
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    No one here checked out the HeatMap Adsense theme?

    It is a great theme that was created for use of Adsense and ads.

    Just check out all the built in ad placements you get with it:

    You can see a live demo site that runs this theme at - Live Demo site for Heatmap Theme - HeatMapTheme.net

    I really find it as the best theme for Adsense.
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    I personally don't think there's any Adsense Optimized wordpress theme.
    It's all about you and how you place your ad units.
    My suggestion is to go with the theme you like most and tweak it's codes to place ads.
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    here is another choice to consider Golden Goose (it is easy to customize) has 3 column, very neat and seo optimized
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    I confirm Heatmap is good enough for Adsense, but it's a little confusional for visitors.
    In case is better to use two column designs and insert Adsense carefully with the same colors of the site.
    That's what I do.

    Another good theme for Adsense and advertising is Atomic Theme that you can check on my internet marketing books website : Internet Market Books. (No affiliate link obviously)
    But the bad thing is it's costly and requires time to be customized with colors.

    See you,
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    Clickbump is very good.
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    My choice:
    1) ClickBump
    2) Socrates
    3) Cool Adsense Theme ( CAT )
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    I use AdSense crusher and bluesense AdSense themes
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    bluesense is bad for SEO and you should try mystique
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    I found a good one here... free-wordpress-theme.net

    They are Adsense optimized too.
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    Another vote for Clickbump...
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    Hi warriors, I am surprise that there is no mention of David Law talian 5, or Stallion 6
    wp themes I just new I would get some reviews from this forum.

    The Stallion WordPress SEO Plugin was created to replace the so called WordPress SEO plugins currently available that damage a sites search engine optimization efforts. Any WordPress plugin that uses noindex and/or nofollow on your WordPress sites has the potential to damage your sites search engine rankings and should be avoided or at least used with extreme care.

    The popular WordPress SEO plugins including the Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin and the All in One SEO Pack WordPress Plugin use nofollow and noindex : Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin uses noindex and nofollow, All in One SEO Pack WordPress Plugin uses noindex.
    Why you shouldn’t use WordPress SEO Plugins that use Nofollow

    WordPress SEO plugins like the Yoast SEO Plugin should not be used because nofollow deletes link benefit, it’s as simple as that. Google changed the way nofollow works some years ago (2008), unfortunately many WordPress SEO ‘Experts’ either don’t keep up to date with changes in SEO techniques or they don’t care (it’s an easy way to gain traffic touting a WordPress SEO plugin even if it is flawed/SEO damaging).

    Don’t believe nofollow deletes link benefit, do some research and find what Matt Cutt’s (he works for Google) had to say about Google’s change to nofollow back in June 2009:

    Stallion includes 9 options pages encompassing almost 200 options, a convenient main options page for activating the theme (add your PayPal/Clickbank transaction ID) and for adding your Google AdSense Publisher ID, Chitika username and Clickbank username. Those are the only settings you have to set, you can of course turn all the ad networks off on this options page and run Stallion as a WordPress SEO theme with no ads (or use the custom widget areas for your custom ads).
    The remaining 8 options pages are optional though highly recommended you play around with them as they add all sorts of useful features. Over the coming weeks I’ll be filling this site with various Stallion tutorials (and videos if I get the time!) so we all can get the best out of Stallion 6.
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    I want optimized themes to achieve HIGH rankings - and maintain them. Not a footprint theme for high CTR. Besides, you achieve high CTR with high rankings - not the opposite. So why ask for a high CTR theme?


    Anyways, my "best" option is always place the code by hand, create new CSS Divs, open PHP files and move on.

    Just my 2 cents.

    ^^ Need a high CTR punchline. :p

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