How to find out keywords of a site?

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Is there a way or tool that one can get to find out the keywords of a site?
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    I believe the google keywords external tool will return keyword based on keyword density. Try it
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    Try SupremeKeywords dot com. I use it and on the page you have several video presentation that explain you what software can do. Very powerful tool and easy to use. I will explain you in a short word how it works for you. Simply enter main keyword and find your website. After you do it you have option to grab those websites keywords.
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    In order to rank for any search term, you must be aware of what people are looking for. The tool that extracts the best and top keywords is Google’s Adwords Keyword Suggestion Tool.
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    I believe that you are asking if you can find what keywords are being used on someone elses site?

    If that is the case, you can right click, go to the page source and check the code for the keywords.
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    Right click on the site and go to page source. Use control+F to find the keywords in the html page.
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    Try looking at the <title> tags or the H1 tags on the page. Should be pretty obvious.
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    I always use Google Keyword tool. Also we look at the title tags of pages. Normally those are the keywords that site is trying to rank for.
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    There are several free tools you can use, some of them are
    Google select keyword tools
    Wordtracker (free & paid)
    noblesamurai (free & paid)
    Hope this help?
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    I always love google external tool to find keywords.
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    If you want to know the keywords of someone else's site just hold down ctrl+U or right click then view source on their website and search for keywords.

    If you want to know what keywords you should be optimizing for your site use google adwords or Niche Finder
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    In Firefox you can click on View- then Page Source. This will show you the HTML coding for their page and see the keywords that they inserted onto their site.

    I also use SEObook toolbar which pulls up the keywords in the X-Ray option. I hope that helps.
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    - Look at keywords in site's Meta description
    - Analyse anchor text of site's backlinks
    - Look at keyword density
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    if you mean that you want to see which keywords the webmaster used in the meta keywords tag, just right click on website and click onview page source. Then do CTRL-F and type in keywords and the meta keywords tag should be highlisghted. Here u will find the keywords. Please be advsied that some website do not use the meta keyword tag - and they still rank highly. Otherwise use the tools mentioned in previous posts.
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    At the risk of repeating what has already been said, but to make it completely clear for anyone new to this kind of thing, here is how to find the Keywords that have been targeted on a website page.

    When the page has loaded, you need to open up the source code for the page. This will usually be under the browser's 'View' dropdown menu. In Safari it is called View Source in Firefox it is Page Source, no idea what it is in IE :rolleyes:

    You'll then have a page open up with the code for the page.

    Then either go to Edit>Find in the browser menu, or do your usual shortcut keyboard click to Find (Ctrl +F etc).

    Enter one of the following in the search box that opens within the source page:

    keywords or meta name="keywords" content=

    This will then highlight in the source page and after content= you will see the keywords that have been targeted, they are all within "quote" marks and separated by commas.

    How can something so simple, be so hard to put into words :confused:

    Anyway, hope this helps anyone who was still unclear on precisely how too do this.

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    Thanks for sharing .Your answer is crystal clear.


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    Originally Posted by Key Largo View Post

    How can something so simple, be so hard to put into words :confused:
    Excellent point, Key Largo!

    I love the WF, but this is PRECISELY why what's good about the WF is also bad about the WF!

    It's also why I recommend anyone here buy at least one, good, comprehensive IM course instead of relying solely on the WF or Google. Some people here say "Why buy it when you can get it all for free online? Just do a search!"

    The answer is because 1) Time is valuable and it takes WAAAY too much time to search on your own; 2) the Internet gives a LOT of free information yes, but they're just PIECES of the puzzle (all the tactics and strategies).

    What it DOESN'T do is put all the pieces of the puzzle together for you and give you a complete blueprint of how to get from Point A to Point B. It just dumps out the puzzle pieces and lets YOU sort it out.

    And when you're already confused, overwhelmed (and inexperienced), you have NO idea how to do that -- or where to start.

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    I usually just look at H1 and H2 tags.
    As for finding keywords, I use Google keyword Tool, and tag "exact" when searching.
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    Check out semrush to find keywords, with which your site shown in top 20 of google seprs.
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    well it seems this question has been answered to death.

    I do second using the X-Ray feature for the SEOBook Tool for FF as well as Market Samurai.

    For newer sites, you may run into trouble if you rely solely on finding the keywords in the source. If optimised by other Internet Marketing companies, you may find they've ignored placing keywords in the source altogether given it has no SEO value. Then again maybe not.
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    Keyword spy will also give you the ones they are trying to rank for and ppc ones too.

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