Can I use google images in my site?

Profile picture of the author bestrevenueshare by bestrevenueshare Posted: 10/14/2011
Are those royalty free? Can I use those images in squidoo lens, if not where can I find royalty free images.
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    Wrong, it's the exact opposite.
    They need to explicitly say that it has no copyright before you can use it.
    And just taking it down when requested, doesn't remove you from the liability of having it up in the first place, they can still sue you.
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    Kay King
    Yes you can use images online as long as they don't specifically claim copyright. You also have to provide a way to be contacted if the copyright owner does show up and ask you to remove it.
    BAD advice. When it comes to copyright and images you may receive a big bill rather than a polite request.

    You don't just take what you want online and wait for someone to tell you if it's ok. If you click on a google image you will see this text to the right

    Images may be subject to copyright.
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    If you want to use an image you have found with Google, you must be sure that
    1. image placed in the public domain
    2. You have a permission from the owner.
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    Nope. You should look for images available under the creative commons license.
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    One good place to get images is:

    That site is a top ranked site for royalty free photos.
    Kills the dot com myth, doesn't it?

    I'm sure many of you use that. Just do an advanced search
    for no restrictions. Read the fine print. Sometimes there
    are some conditions on "no restricitons."

    An overlooked place is wikipedia.

    Wikipedia contains many images that are in the public domain.

    If not, wikipedia has a disclaimer about how they are using it
    in such a way that does not violate copyright laws.

    There are other legal ways of using copyrighted images in
    news and commentary.

    One trick I use for celebs, games, etc. is to use amazon links.
    Many times amazon will even tell you to save the image on
    your server to put it on your site and link up.

    If you've been on the net as long as I have, you chuckle when you
    see old images that have gotten around since the early days. And
    yet, people claim it as original content and say don't steal.

    On the other hand, I have paid for images as well. You can't expect
    to make money if you don't spend money.

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    Thanks for your suggestions.

    "they can sue you"
    "you may receive
    a big bill rather than a
    polite request"
    I'm an asian citizen and I always wonder, how can they do it? I'm not saying that we can do anything just being non usa citizens but how is it possible? Well I'll post a thread if possible .....
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    John Williamson
    +1 for SXC - use it for almost all my image needs.
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    Seth P
    Wow, thanks..

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