which is the best tool for backlinks for seo to push #1 of goolgle?

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i buy many tools for build backlinks, but the result is very diffrent and low.

which is the best and very simple tool for automatly backlinksbuilding? Have anyone good reviews..
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    The best tool is you. Lots of people use tools like senuke x.

    If you are going to do this, it is extremely important to make sure you are not blasting links out. You want it to look as natural and human made as possible.

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    I have never used any tool for generating backlinks. I always prefer to do it manually and that too do follow backlinks from quality site. I think it is more beneficial for our website and gives good seo result also.
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    I create back links manually for websites. I do not use any back link tool for this purpose.
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    There are so many tools and backlink packages who claim to push your website to number 1 position of SERP rankings... In actuality, there is no guaranteed service, tool or strategy that can give you success.

    You have to discover the winning strategy yourself... Though, you can try different techniques which are successful for other webmaster but its not necessarily work for you as well.

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    instead on focusing on link building tool, focus your effort on creating strategy with diversified backlinks with the help of tool as well as doing it manually.
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    SENukeX or ScrapeBox are good places to start off (in my opinion).
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    the best tool is "human" ... lol

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