AMR vs Magic Submitter vs SEO Link Robot

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I know AMR seems the cheaper of them, but I was wondering what you think about the other two?

Magic submitter can submit also your article to different directorys + social bookmakrs

Seo Link robots does the same as AMR and maybe even more.

What do you think is the best of them? Thanks
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    Any suggestions/ideas?
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      Definetly ZennoPoster. Thats not what your asking for but still let me explain:

      AMR is nice but many article directorys don't accept articles anymore so at best you can get 150 articles auto-approved when you build out your own list. And those directorys are heavily spammed obvious so AMR on itself is not so strong.

      SeoLinkRobot, huge failure rates with web2.0's, and thats what most people buy it for so pretty dissapointing, I wouldnt waste my money to get at most 8 or 10 succesfull web2.0's created. The article module I never tried, and the social bookmark module gives you around 20-25 succesfull bookmarks. Keep in mind that the web2.0s that it does succesfully create are missing titles and such so half of those 10 succesfulls probably get deleted cause of spam the same month. Total waste of money.

      Magic Submitter, again I would buy it for the web2.0's but again it gets badly updated, however it comes with a module that you can fix the submission process to the web2.0's yourself. But to pay $69/month to FIX it yourself I find pretty odd. For that kind of money I would expect THEM to fix it but well.

      So my suggestions is: ZennoPoster, its a software that enables you to fully automate your own submissions to web2.0's, press releases, article directory's and what not. It sure has some learning curve but it's a one time fee. THere is a cheap version available that costs somewhere between $100 and $150 I beleive and it comes with a free trial. I'm in no way affiliated with them but I think thats the best you can get for your buck.

      Anohter thing to consider is Scrapebox, it's real cheap and very usefull to harvest url's with PR to post your link manually on. You have to get familiar with footprints and such but I use it for so many purposes (mostly preparation work) but also to blast my links that I created with seolinkrobot and amr. I bought both of them about a year ago so I know what I'm talking about.
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    My vote is for Magic Submitter..
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      Originally Posted by JohnRaja View Post

      My vote is for Magic Submitter..
      I am using Magic Submitter now which you pay $4.95 for the first month, so get your auto creations in and going to town. If you buy it from your own CB link you get $33 a month in commissions.
      I bought it March 13 and I have almost all of my auto creations and validation emails done. They make updates all the time. There are about 13 categories of sites to submit but I have a very spun article (meaning 3.4 words per chosen spun word) which as far as I can tell cannot be used on any of the sites. It will only take articles with a Title, Summary, Description, Body,Article Resource Box. I will be sending that version of the article to sites that are applicable either today or tomorrow and will report back with results for signups.
      Without a spun article the SE will not rank this well but I have avery good alternative to do that too. But maybe I get some signups. If not I will get rid of it after the first month or two. Anyone have any results they want to share rather than just I'd vote for it? Thanks.
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    AMR is you can try many different ways..and can add your own Collections..
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    I only have used magic submitter and I like it. It does everything... and if it doesn't do it, you can program it to do it. The only complaint is the price. I'd rather pay a one-off fee rather than monthly.
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    Funny that SEO LR now has a low success rate. When I used it, I got a very HIGH success rate both for account creation and posting.
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    I have used many different options, SENUKEX, Magic Submitter, AMR and a bunch others and I eventually went back and settled with Magic Submitter.

    I'm not sure what nik0 refers to when he says no updates, the last few months MS has been updated regularly and it is very effective when submitting to several different properties. For the cost as compared to SENUKE X, there is no competition in my opinion. I get articles ranked on the first page of my websites all the time using just MS.
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    Zennoposter is like UBot right? It's a browser automation tool? Is there an easier alternative? Anyway, AMR is having a rough time right now. A lot of directories but only a bit get approved.
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    Yup, Alex is always updating MS and listens to his users. That's why the program has been around so long and continues to be a top competitor to more expensive options. Plus, Alex is just a really patient and cool guy.
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    Go with magic submitter, the ability to program your own sites with this is AMAZING. The key to using this program is learning the designer, and its SUPER easy. The default sites are ok at best, but once you get around programming your own you can set it and forget it. Builds backlinks to your backlinks and just about anything else you even THINK youd want it to do. Not to mention the video training is THE best.
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    yes I will chime in and agree..magic submitter is the way to go and has worked for me for a long time now. SEnuke was cool but damn that software jacked up my pc and it never was the same after.
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    Magic Submitter is by far the best. I used Senuke X for about a year, once I started using Magic Submitter I couldn't believe what I had been missing. It is the best software out there thus far.
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    It won't get shut down. It is software not an actual network. I think for your purposes it will work fine. I used it myself on client sites and it made life a LOT easier. Thing is, you've got to take the time to really familiarize yourself with the software and give it solid content. That said, training is always ongoing, not just the software but SEO techniques as well. And it is continually updated. The creator, Alex, is also avaliable on Skype and is very helpful. Now, whether $67 a month is affordable, you'll have to be the judge. I do know there is a yearly option for $474.
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    I'm using AMR and MS and I like both.

    My amr list contains about 3000 directories; today I successfully submitted to about 800 of those directories and half were auto-approved. With amr it's best to find your own directory list online to add to the one it comes with.

    This is my first month using MS and I like it better than SEnuke. It seems a bit slower but who cares considering the price difference. Also you can add your own sites to MS and Alex is a great guy!
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    All three are pretty terrible in my opinion.

    Worst of the lot is link robot- got like 15 percent success where with SENUKE was getting near 80percent
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    ktotheb, my sentiments exactly. London eh? Kitchener here.
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    Magic Submitter of course (Among your three choices)
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      Originally Posted by faceblogger View Post

      Magic Submitter of course (Among your three choices)
      yes i agree, magic submitter have a lot of new functions and 100's of sites with 95% successful submissions.
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    AMR and MS are my favorite; SEOLinkrobot is crap now.

    AMR is effective if you know how to and you have a good list of directories.
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    I can't really participate in the vote can I?
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      Originally Posted by StevenJones View Post

      I can't really participate in the vote can I?
      Hahaha. Of course, you can.

      Out of all the 3 the OP mentioned, I'd take Magic Submitter any day. Does the job well and fairly reliable.
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    Steve Absolutely you can! As someone who has developed a similar program, I'd be interested to hear what you think of those three. And for myself I have AMR and Magic. I did have SEOLR and have tried others but always seem to return to MS and Alex. That said, I've not tried Steve's offering yet.
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      Oh please cut the crap:

      AMR is only good if you have your own private blog network to post to, although Magic Submitter can do that probably as well.

      SEOlinkrobot, well hold me please, the most garbage piece of software I've ever had my hands on with the worse succession rate ever.

      MagicSubmitter, can be valuable as you can automate your linkbuilding process exactly the way you want it to. Personally I don't like monthly prices for an automation tool, there are cheaper onetime fee solutions for that like ZennoPoster or uBot.

      Oh I already posted my opinion here before lol, I thought I had seen this thread before indeed
      If I had anything positive to say about AMR in that post then forget it, posting at overly spammed article directories can never be good.

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