Tricks how to make your backlinks indexed fast

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Hello, first of all sorry for my bad English, because my national language is not English. I hope you understand this thread.

First of all, when you made backlinks, it will take some time for spider to crawl your backlinks then index it. Some people not like to wait, and want a rush indexing. You can use paid services that scattered around internet. But, how if you don't have any dime? That's simple, this trick will make you smile because it's effective and the important thing, this is free!

First step
make rss feed
  1. Go to hxxp://
  2. Fill all the required column then copy paste all your backlinks
  3. Choose default custom title to make it easier
  4. Create RSS feed
  5. Copy your RSS link
Second step
submit rss feed
  1. Go to hxxp://
  2. Paste your RSS link in first step
  3. Fill all the required column
  4. Submit
Third step
ping rss feed
  1. Go to hxxp://
  2. Fill all the required column
  3. Copy paste your RSS link
  4. Click check all
  5. Submit
That's done! Give it 2 days, then repeat step three. One more tips, Wikis backlinks is good because Google consider it as Authoritative backlinks. Hope this tricks useful for your SEO experience, good luck.


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