SEONitro and SEOLinkmonster Kill Your Sites?

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Here are my experiences with both SEONitro 497/month and SEOLinkmonster 47 month 1 and then 147/month. And a question to Dori.

I only worked with SEONitro and SEOLinkmonster for a short while, but the effects were enormous, BUT in the wrong direction...

Within 10 days I received dreaded - unnatural linking to my sites messages from WMT, I have been reading all day on this and other forums and sites and this is what I figured out what might be happening.

On SEONitro I checked over 450 domains my sites were placed on and it turned out ALL of the domains had been deindexed! All of them, I kid you not! Ofcourse seonitro support tells me that this happens all the time to SOME sites, and they will be replaced and then things will be better.

BUT it was not some sites; ALL the sites I checked were deindexed. Why the heck would they place customers links on deindexed sites?!

Then on SEOLinkmonster the first couple of days you could still check the domains that the articles had been placed on and again, ALL of them had been deindexed. Later I could not check anymore, that option had disappeared in their backend.

As soon as I saw that the articles were place on all deindexed sites I took my articles out of rotation, but this morning I found out that the damage already had been done. WMT already saw these sites as well and raised the flag.

So I spent a couple of hours to reverse lookup the articles that are mentioned in WMT - and when I check all sites linking to my sites I run into the sites I recognize with articles that come through SEOlinkmonster and lo and behold, ALL of them were deindexed sites.

After all my reading on this and other forums I now conclude that the main thing that triggered WMT unnatural linking warning must be the linking from deindexed domains.

So I have one thing to ask Dori Friend: please be nice to your customers and take down all deindexed sites, that would at least solve one problem for all of your customers who have been placed on deindexed domains, in that it would rid our sites of these apparently dangerous backlinks. And could you please do that for SEONitro AND SEOLinkmonster?

I am trying to get someone's attention as well on the SEONitro and SEOLinkmonster support sites as well, but apparently they are flooded with support tickets...

DORI, PLEASE take those deindexed sites down, because like I said, I fear that your blognetworks have been tracked down and the best thing you can now do with these sites for your customers is take them OUT and all links DOWN. That could perhaps limit the damage a bit.

I am now at the stage where I would gladly pay you to take those sites down so I get all links from deindexed sites pointing to my sites out of the way again, can you believe this?!

Dori, these deindexed sites will do you no good and I think they are detrimental to all people who have articles on them because - afaik - links from deindexed sites in networks raise huge red flags. Talk about footprint..

Apart from that I would have to say these guys know how to sell, because did they not convince me to jump on board? And the feeding of the articles went relatively smooth as well, so the back end really works as well.

Just one minor detail, they placed all my articles on deindexed sites.

What more can I say, probably this is lousy for your business as well.

Dori, please take the deindexed sites down?
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    Wow. Well it sounds like it could be a great service. Once they solve this problem, I would be interested to hear how ranking goes.
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    $650 a month for link building? Wow
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    Originally Posted by Randall Kufarsy View Post

    SEONitro I checked over 450 domains my sites were placed on and it turned out ALL of the domains had been deindexed! All of them, I kid you not!........
    Then on SEOLinkmonster the first couple of days you could still check the domains that the articles had been placed on and again, ALL of them had been deindexed. Later I could not check anymore, that option had disappeared in their backend.
    Wow thats a massive slap but I have ask you based on the last line - how did you actually verify they were deindexed? Did you do an search or was it something else?
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    Hi all I can 100% confirm that SEOlinkmonster has been almost entirely deindexed. I was lucky enough to have downloaded all of my URL's from seolinkmonster the day before they disabled the feature and every single domain (not just the URL's, the entire domains) has been deindexed. They are still charging $147 for people to subscribe to this network. I have just contacted support and I am waiting for them to refund all of my money for this service. I will update again as soon as I have heard back from them about how they are going to handle this.

    It is completely wrong to still be charging subscribers for access to this network or any others out there that have been hit like this and it is beyond belief that these networks will not openly disclose the effect that the recent Google hits have had on their network and are going to have on each and every one of their subscribers.
  • Profile picture of the author IM Ash
    LOL... that was quick... wasn't it just a couple of weeks ago that SEO Link Monster launched with a whole lot of hype? It was probably the most poorly designed network I have ever seen. Built entirely for profits! They got what was coming to them but damn that was quick. I guess when you start a network with so much hype, G will get wind of it!

    The character of the people behind this network is clearly revealed by the fact that they are still accepting new members!
  • Profile picture of the author technog33k
    UPDATE TO THE ABOVE POST - Upon checking some of the sites that have been deindexed of which I have the list for as I downloaded them prior to them disabling this feature in their network they are still continuing to publish new posts to them!! So not only are they taking people's money they are publishing content to blogs that have been deindexed and claiming to be legitimately posting them and continue to give Google even more people's sites to issue WMT notices to. This is just ridiculous. I have never come across such an unprofessional service anywhere before.
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    The one good thing about products like this is it gives you a great gauge of whose email lists you should unsubscribe from.
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    before we go too far down this road I need to ask again - HOW DID THE OP CHECK THE SITES WERE DEINDEXED. Not saying he is incorrect but a lot of people have become confused about what deindexing is and/or are relying on inaccurate ways of checking. If you do an and a site:domain .com thats the most reliable way to check.

    If you do those two checks and get nothing then yes you are paying for air. As far as Google is concerned those sites don't exist.
  • Profile picture of the author mosthost
    Its looks like the Sun has set on the Golden Age of Blog Networks, or at least the bigger public ones.

    It's sort of like how John Gotti was so famous. How could that have been a good thing in his line of work? Flying under the radar is the only thing that can prevent you from being shot down.
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    All I get from that thread is a load of excuses! No client (members in this case) wants to hear one excuse after the other. I just can't get it: if any business person decides to create a network of this magnitude the first order of business is to find ways to allay the risks that are common to every public network (deindexing).

    Now, all they seem to be doing is trying to fill the holes with $5 PR0 aged domains from GD. This network is diminishing from a high PR network to a low PR network and soon it will be only .infos LOL.

    These guys need to watch all their prelaunch videos and then they will know why threads like this begin and why members are disgruntled. Then they need to assess whether covering up the magnitude of the problem by adding more PR0s is a long-term solution(not). By doing this they are increasing their expenses and at the same time confidence in the network is disintegrating because people are not experiencing the same ranking affect as they did in the beginning.

    When a company like Nestle finds out that one of their baby products might contain a dangerous substance, they stop production, recall all distributed products and issue warnings to the public. They do this because they are long-term focused and realize that short-term gains will be to their own detriment.
  • Profile picture of the author premiumseoservice
    WOW, i never thought seolinkmonster would have such a bad impact on rankings... I was considering adding it to my SEO Strategy... Thank you for sharing your experience here and keep us updated please
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    I used seo link monster on one of my sites that had been on page one for a year # it's gone..not even in the top 1000..MF!!!
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    Originally Posted by whitehalls View Post

    not getting new backlinks pointing to these domains. So within 3-6 months and as time keeps passing these domains will simple "die" -
    Not true. IF a site gets links from interior pages then the links can stay in place for a long time. Just think how many times does a blogger go back and even read a page that he wrote two years ago? In context links are not removed by ton loads of pages. Plus a good network builder will include "support" sites over time and they ARE a source of new backlinks.
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    Google has gotten really smart recently. It know when your backlinks are trashy and of spam quality and when they are actually deserving on being passed the Page Rank of the page you posted the backlink too.
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    Slmonster was bad from the start. Right away all their pages lost pr and they said because of transition from park domain to their dns move but "trust us, pr still there". None of the 400 links I've downloaded are indexed and I've received a penalty of some sort.

    Lesson learned. No such thing as a good reputation when people are trying to get your money. No apologies, no updates or explanations but continue to accept members. Good thing I only tested on a couple urls.
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    I signed up at when it first launched and I liked the backend system, simple to use and I even got a boost in rankings at the start.

    However I soon quickly realised my rankings stopped growing and basically stayed put. One site even got a "unnatural backlink" warning within my Webmaster account and the only form of backlinks promotions I've done on that particular site was from SEOLM.

    Basically Google on to it and like what's been said above, it'll do your site more harm than good having a site on their network.

    James Scholes
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    I was a member of seo nitro vip and elite linkvine vip for almost 2 years and i got good results with it.

    But on the last months this two networks started to get deindexed and the support just keep saying 'we will change the sites' but never did.

    If seo nitro and elite linkvine was already being deindexed before linkmonster,why they launched it ? it is obviously that they knew that they would be deindexed,but they was aiming just to make some bucks and trying to play dumb.
  • Profile picture of the author mosthost
    Obviously there are too many sharks in the shark tank (blog networks). When a new network is hyping itself, the other ones get nervous. They sign up and report it to Google.

    The site gets de-indexed. The networks have to buy even lower quality 'replacement domains.' I think it's getting obvious that poorly written content on low quality domains does not have the impact it once did.

    But as long as there are new people being drawn into 'getting rich' with Google SEO, there will be more of this type of snake oil. That's just the nature of the basically corrupt 'IM" segment. Everyone is looking for a shortcut to 'internet millions' when in reality Google search is past its prime and social media is even more important for growing revenue.
  • Profile picture of the author Cataclysm1987
    Public, huge networks always have footprint issues.

    If they have a limited number of sites and are blasting it to lists of thousands of people to buy buy buy, you know that the service is going to be flooded with crap and super footprinted.

    I'd avoid it.
  • Profile picture of the author ex9to5guy
    interesting stuff, cant wait to hear the rebuttal

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