How to increase your twitter followers for free ?

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Free ways to increase your twitter followers if you know please tell me.. ?
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    I Think the only and the free method for me is , but first you need to verify your twitter account and then try twiends

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    Try to follow people that tweet #teamfollowback .
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    try main people on twitter and than findout who is online regularly....
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    Post super awesome stuff people are interested in

    twiends like stated above

    or just follow a ton of people and hope they follow you back
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    You should display your twitter account on your website that way people will actually follow you and be interested in your blog when you post a link on twitter. Also, follow as much people as you can so they can follow back.
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    I think marc14's advice is the best, because this is the way to increase the number of your REAL followers. Because Twiends can help you get thousands of people who will *NOT* be really interested in your offers or what you say. As you won't be interested in theirs too, I am sure!

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    try this website
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    Write jokes, aphorisms, things about sex (he-he), post beautiful photos, connect your twitter to Facebook - it will help
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    Originally Posted by Sanda88 View Post

    Free ways to increase your twitter followers if you know please tell me.. ?
    I am sharing you one link.Which describe you detail about how you get more twitter followers..

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    Join Keeko now To get free twitter followers.
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    I agree to use Keeko is a great site and twiends
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    There's also Get Twitter Followers | Directory & Location Tools, a Twitter directory. You can search for users be region / location and also by topic. At least the people you follow will have something in common with you and are therefore more likely to follow you back.

    As someone alluded to above, Twitter is a social network, so get social! Connect with the followers you already have, interact with them, research their followers etc etc.

    As with organic SEO now, your content is paramount, so with good tweets, you may get more retweets and followers. Ask for retweets too, you'll be surprised at the response you may get just from that!

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    I used socialmedianetworkexchange to increase my facebook, twitter, linkedin, etc.. followers !

    Originally Posted by Sanda88 View Post

    Free ways to increase your twitter followers if you know please tell me.. ?
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      Buying twitter followers is junk. Always has been, always will be.

      I have 7 twitters, total of 30,000+ followers. Takes time.

      First, follow those who follow back. Do a search for #followback or
      other such term. You'll find them. Like teamfollowback.

      Second, follow people with TONS of followers. Do this sparingly,
      and in a very small ratio to the above. Don't follow more than
      10 people at one sitting.

      Follow everyone that follows back. Drop the ones that drop
      you. You can quickly find who dropped you by going to:
      Unfollow the idiots who just rode your coattails. I hate those

      Fourth, be patient. Tweet once a day. People will find you.
      I get 200+ followers each day just by "being there." Yes,
      that is spread over all accounts. Most get a fresh 15-25
      followers daily.

      Contrary to popular belief, you have to FOLLOW PEOPLE to
      get followers. Unless you are some celeb or god.

      Here's my last tip. Find pages that put their twitter feed
      or have some hashtag they follow. Here's an example. has their twitter feed on the front
      page. If you do a tweet with @boxofficemojo in it,
      your tweet will show up on their first page. Now
      that's pretty cool. Takes a couple of minutes to show
      up. That's the only one I'll give you. Google around to
      find more just like that.

      Forget fiverr or other such rot. There is no need to pay
      anyone for fake followers. What do you want, fake


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    theres also a 5 dollar way with fiverr but not free >.<

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    If we increase our follower means, then how do we get good twitter account person? if they won't click our links what is the use.

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    Also important not to just add followers. Only follow the ones that have the same interest so they will be targeted followers. They are more likely to read your tweets. Better to have less but quality followers then a bunch of followers that are not interested in your tweets. And yes Twiends is a great site for getting followers.
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    There is a group called followback - you follow them and they will follow you.

    Search for it on G etc..
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      Follow random people! I do that to get followers, and it works!
      I also have a bribe that I follow ANYONE who follows me!
      Post that every once in awhile.
      Update all the time everyday.
      and make it interesting,funny,serious things.
      things that will make people think your cool and a interesting person to know whats going on in your life.
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    It's true, unless you're like a celeb you have to follow to be followed. There is nothing wrong with following though, I just follow the people who interest me, and try to stay clear of people who have like 500000 tweets

    I would recommend checking out add peeps if you are in north america or are looking for followers who speak english. It is an english only site, most of the users are from the US, and no other site I have tried comes close to its features. I don't have enough posts to post a link, just do a search for addpeeps or add peeps should bring it up.

    I also agree twiends is good, but the thing I really dislike about it that made me stop using it is that people can follow, then unfollow you, then follow you again for more seeds! Then you have to try and keep track of who is following/unfollowing/following you again and you have to manually block each of them to stop it from happening again and again, that really sucks.
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    there are various websites offering this service just you need to make a google search or can check even fiverr may be you can find something there...

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