How can I get in DMOZ Easily?

by alan L 22 replies
I submitted once,But did not pass。。。。so sad!
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    Maybe... have a high quality site with lots of valuable unique content that has been around for a while.
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      Originally Posted by Michael55555 View Post

      Maybe... have a high quality site with lots of valuable unique content that has been around for a while.

      if that, i think i am just on the way to make my site higher....have some Shortcut approach?
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    There are no shortcuts to getting accepted into DMOZ.
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    Become an editor. Seems almost impossible to get listed any other way. Though it seems to me that dmoz likely carries MUCH less value than it used to.
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      Originally Posted by JPRoss View Post

      Become an editor. Seems almost impossible to get listed any other way. Though it seems to me that dmoz likely carries MUCH less value than it used to.
      Agreed, In around 8 years they've not put up a single one of my or my clients sites, and put up some complete 1 page crap instead. We no longer bother submitting and I guess many others are like us. And so if a lot of us aren't bothered about DMOZ anymore then Google won't be so much bothered either. I had friends with number 1 ranked authority sites (e.g. good mega content, top rated etc) that have heard nothing from DMOZ two years after submission yet they have seen sites on page 20+ on google get in.
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    I suggest you to forget approving in Dmoz. Only submit your link and forgive it and after some years if you had free time, check it once . Unfortunately Dmoz has a lot of editors but most links are not approving as i know.
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    If you find a way please share it with the rest of us. Good luck.
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    Have the ability to say lots in as little words normally works to be honest
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    If there was really a way, everyone was using the same to easily get listed in DMOZ. But unfortunately DMOZ has a very low acceptance rate and high waiting time. Use natural Title and Description while submitting to DMOZ, do not use keywords rather Company or Domain Name in the title. Keep the Title as short as possible and description not too long, but a one sentence is enough. If you have luck your site may be there or forget the submission.

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    No real quick way.

    Also not really worth the effort. Just submit and move on. It's not like once you are accepted all your rankings will skyrocket.
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    I have only ONE site successfuly added to DMOZ. But now I don't even try to submit my other websites to DMOZ, because it is not so powerful backlink as it was about 3-4 years ago. Now it is something like "10 backlinks from normal directories!"

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    I have applied to DMOZ today and I hope I will have good results in few weeks. Maybe someone knows something about international categories? Is it easier to be accepted for non-english sites?
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    Simple thumb rule is Don't SPAM. Here is how your site can get listed in DMOZ:

    1. The title of your listing must be the title of your site / organization.

    2. Your description must not have words like "best", "most affordable," "trusted". DMOZ don't encourage the promotional text.

    3. Don't Capitalize All The Words In Your Description And Title.

    4. Choose the correct category where you will submit your site.
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    The easiest way to get a DMOZ link is to buy a domain with a DMOZ link, look around and you'll get one for $20 or less...
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    I hear that you need to make sure the specific category has been updated recently. This gives you a much better chance of acceptance. Hope this helps a bit.

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    The quickest way into a Dmoz listing is to just buy a domain thats already got a Dmoz listing. Then you will find out that having a Dmoz listing means absolutely nothing towards anything other then having a Dmoz listing.
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    I know everyone is sick of hearing about Fiverr but I did see someone on there selling a service to submit your site there. Guess its best to leave it to someone with experience in dealing with Dmoz. Although getting accepted, dont hold your breath.
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    Is there anything I can do to get listed in DMOZ ???? Or at-least speed up the process. I just watched Matt Cutts at PUB CON talking about all the changes and the future of Google. I have been motoring my competition and over the last 2 weeks their anchor text for example if they sell oranges at Orange, Nutrition, Recipes, Gifts ..... Their anchors went from "oranges" "south florida oranges" "best oranges" "click here" "visit site" TO --------"oranges" "" "" ...... OVER AND OVER

    I thought we were "SUPPOSED" to have multiple anchors on quality sites PR3 or higher with a certain percentage Exact match, phrase match, simular phrase match and variations to the keywords people are going after.

    WTF ????? Can Someone who actually knows this subject please advise me on how to continue ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????

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