Adwords too expensive! Any advice?

by Ramzy 14 replies
The intention is to bring local customers into my store. Ive targeted only my city. I'm averaging up to $10 a click for competitive keywords. If I hired a company to handle my adwords campaigns would they be able to get cheaper click prices? My quality score is 6/10, I've never been able to get it higher for any keywords. Thanks for the advice.
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    Originally Posted by Ramzy View Post

    The intention is to bring local customers into my store. Ive targeted only my city. I'm averaging up to $10 a click for competitive keywords. If I hired a company to handle my adwords campaigns would they be able to get cheaper click prices? My quality score is 6/10, I've never been able to get it higher for any keywords. Thanks for the advice.
    My advice would be to focus on SEO and make sure your place is entered in appropriate channels (such as good info on Google Places, etc).

    Without more information what you are selling, that's my vote. 10 a click is way too high for a local store.

    Beginning Marketer

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    That sounds awfully high. Does your site rank for keyterms for your industry and area?
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    Go for more long tail phrases. i.e rather than 'weight loss', 'weight loss with atkins'
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    In your case, things to look at include:

    1. Keywords. Do you target the right keywords? Have you done keyword research properly? Could there be some mid- and long-tail key phrases that would cost you less? Also, do not forget about negative keywords - if you have none, the chances are your ads show up for some irrelevant phrases, spoiling your CTR and QS.

    2. Match type - try using phrase and exact match types.

    3. Account structure. How many ad groups do you have and how targeted are they? The more targeted your ad group is, the better. You can try creating an ad group with 1-3 keywords and very relevant ads and landing pages. This might help.

    Also, as a Google AdWords user, you can call AdWords support and discuss your issues with the AdWords support specialist. They might take a look at your account and suggest some changes. Here's the contact link: How do I contact Google AdWords? - AdWords Help
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    I don't know what you're selling that you are paying $10 per click but like previous post suggests, you may not be using proper keywords for your product. That's my guess since your QS is 6 but your ads are not attractive enough thus getting low click rates which is the most chief factor of QS.

    An account manager like myself will help if they are good. As QS determines your cost, increasing the QS can greatly reduce your CPC where it can more than make up for their fee.
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    I agree that sounds really high, I would make sure you have good on page and on page SEO. That would take time but it would pay off better than paying such high price.
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    Thanks everyone for the advice. My keywords are jewelry related so it could be the reason for the expensive cost per click. I'll definitely call google adwords and see if they can help lower the cost. My google places is fully optimized I believe and it generates customers but certain keywords don't pull up the google places.
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    Originally Posted by Ramzy View Post

    If I hired a company to handle my adwords campaigns would they be able to get cheaper click prices?
    Absolutely. Not that they have any magic or preferred rates but depending on the company they should know the ins and outs of Adwords and should be able to run an optimal campaign. An optimal campaign is not judged by price per click but rather profit as a result of the campaign.

    I manage multiple profitable campaigns within local markets and can provide additional insight if needed.

    Self proclaimed Google Adwords Expert that manages multiple profitable campaigns. I am willing to help out fellow Warriors with Adword inquires

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      I struggle to understand how some of the "AdWords experts" are surprised at a CPC of $10. A locksmith based in London I am currently working for doesn't even blink at $25 clicks. The reason being that when people are locked out of their houses, they generally find the closest Locksmith and ring them immediately. This causes the price of locksmith related clicks to rise as all of the competing locksmiths raise their bid prices in an effort to be at the top. Despite the high clicks, locksmith related clicks remain extremely profitable because the conversion rate is incredibly high.

      Ramzy- In theory an AdWords company can indeed get you cheaper clicks. What they offer is expert keyword analysis to identify the cheaper long tail keywords. Furthermore, they ensure a high relevancy between your keywords and ads. This results in a better click through rate, and a higher click through rate means a higher quality score. Obviously higher quality scores results in cheaper clicks.

      Make sure you do plenty of research when identifying which company to go with. A lot of them may seem great but actually get poor results

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    You should make your keyword long. and set your primary and secondary keyword placing. e.g; "email marketing" in which email is primary and marketing is secondary.
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    Interesting to hear about the locksmiths. Google must love them!
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    in my opinion adwords is just an accident waiting to happen

    instead try

    solo ads - insanely profitable
    banner ads
    bing ppc
    warrior forum banner ads (very targeted traffic)
    facebook ads (but i would recommend sending the fb traffic to a fb page
    as fb dont like squeeze pages

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    Wow. $10 a click.

    In most cases you don't need to be at the top. Page 2 can cut the costs and still deliver quality traffic. the nice thing about page 2 traffic is it means somebody is really shopping for the product/service. It can mean better traffic AND you get it at a lower cost.
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