How do I know the last time google crawled my site?

by dracoboar 11 replies

Is there a reliable way to know when the last time google crawled my site?

I have WMT installed if that helps.

TY in advance.
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    Your CPanel web logs should do.

    Go to the 'Latest Visitors' tab or Webalizer and that will tell you.
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    Or you could download statpress plugin which will show you that information.
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    The Web Logs In CPanel Can Only Tell You That !
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    So looked at the cpanel weblog and found google media partnet?

    Is that their bot or is that adsense or soemthing?
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      Depending on the site ( Wordpress or non wp) you can use a site tracker. Wordpress has many good 5 star trackers you could use.
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        Go to Google and type "". You will see a screen shot of your website Google crawled last time along with a date and time on top.
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    I use StatCounter, from which I'm able to check visitors, and all info of visitors.

    I am able to check spiders too when they visit my site.
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    I downloaded word press plugin. What after that? I have to found how many pages Google crawled and indexed my site in last month. It is possible? If it is, then please tell me the method to do that.
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    The most easiest way to check the last crawled date of your website is to type in search box of Google; and press enter.
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      WMT will provide best answer, just use Health>>Crawl Stats

      Not recommending other options. We recently release a Fake Googlebot Study with 1,000 participants in which, over time, we discovered a 21%+ Googlebot impersonation rate. (btw: 16% of these were malicious)

      Naturally Google WMT will not show these, but other sources will.
      So use WMT for accuracy.
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    you should use plugin as i think it can give solution after you find info.
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