Youtube : 1000 views = 1 dollar?

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I would like you clarify me something.

Some people told me that for every monetized Youtube video, 1000 views=1$, 2000 views=2$, 3000 views=3$, etc.

Is it this right?

Or does the cost depends according the video? (I mean, maybe it's, let's say, 2$ for 1000 views or for other video it will be 0,50$ for 1000 views).

Thaks in advance
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    No that's not right.

    Adwords bidding is part of what determines how much you'll get paid per click/view.
    We have the technology.
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    So, how it works? Please could you explain more in detail.
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    Use Youtube video to drive traffic to your money site. You will have higher conversions and make more money.
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      As of today i am making 4$ per 1000 Youtube ad impressions. Generally speaking though i would average approx 1$ per 1000 views. As Yukon said it depends on the Adwords bidding for you niche.
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    Connect your adsense acc with your youtube acc. The ads will be shown beside and at the bottom of your video. You earn with CPC and CPM. I think the CPM rates are between 2 and 5 $.
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      No the 1000 views would be for all of my videos, i wish i had 1000 views per video, i have almost 25 so i would have made over 100 $ today if that were the case. I average about 1500-2000 views per day which is pretty poor compared to a lot of YTers.
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    As far I understood, YouTube earnings are only added one per month and are only listed along with the other finalized earnings on the Payments page of the AdSense account.

    YouTube Earnings are sometimes finalized as late as the 15th of the month, so they probably just haven't been finalized yet.

    Does anyone knows if Youtube Earnings have been finalized for this month?

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