Extracting What The Contextual Targeting Tool Is Actually Telling Me

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Hey Warriors,

I am just a bit confused at the moment, I realise that you can use the contextual targeting tool to give you an estimate of the CPC you will get from a particular phrase etc. But to make things simpler, I'll try and provide an example.

When I type in Wedding Cruises, it has a CPC of $2.78.

It has these words in it as well;
wedding cruise, princess cruises, sydney harbour wedding cruises, cruise, wedding cruises sydney harbour

Does that mean if I target these particular words I will receive roughly a $2.78 amount for each of them, or what is it trying to tell me?

I also realise you would probably only get half of the above amount, but just trying to use as an example.

Secondly, say if you have wedding photography packages and it has a magical CPC of $5, if you have a long-tail version of this keyword are you likely to receive the same amount of CPC, as it would serve up the same sort of ads as it would somewhat be relevant.

Thanks guys, just need this cleared up as it's doing my head in going around in circles.
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    I think it's because the people bidding on Wedding Cruises also bids on those similar keywords so yea, the CPC would be similar (although probably subject to fluctuations)

    As for your second question I think so, because if you had say "wedding photography packages for dog owners" then your adsense ads would probably be based on the $5 keyword anyway, unless the longtail fits some specific ads.

    But to be honest mate, its all arbitrary and the only way to answer your questions is to simply build a site and see what happens :/

    Check out my blog GenuineOnlineMarketing.com where I talk about building Amazon and Adsense Niche Websites.

    Over 800 Amazon Reviews for $1 - No way?

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      Originally Posted by Chrisbroholm View Post

      But to be honest mate, its all arbitrary and the only way to answer your questions is to simply build a site and see what happens :/
      Yer I completley agree with this, but I've built sites before based on silly keyword lists etc. and I just want to kind of learn to pick niches that are actually gonna give me something back.

      Like with the site I'm currently working on which is a hobby of mine so it will be easy to work on and I want to build out an authority site & target sub-niches but am not really sure which ones to tackle first.

      Obviously it's easy to say pick the ones with highest volume/highest CPC/lowest competition, but I've checked words on the contextual tool that say something like $2.80 but there is absolutley no ads for adwords, and doesn't even sounds remotley like someone would be bidding on it.

      Ahhhhh the learning curve of seo.
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        Anyone else got some suggestions?
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    Here is a different kind of example, when I type in Fishing License it comes up with no CPC, but then however if I type in commerical fishing license, fishing license is sitting there at $3.77 or something close to that.

    Any ideas, it's doing my head in!
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