Modifying backlinks to increase rankings

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Good morning Warriors:

Will changing my clients backlinks help improve their rankings?

When I say change I mean modifying their anchor text, anchor URL etc.

Your feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks fellow Warriors.
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    Not enough information given to answer that. Why do you want to change it?
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    Instead of modifying existing backlinks, why not use that time and effort to generate new ones, seems alot more productive.
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    I don't think that, Modifying backlinks is the right way to get ranking because the backlinks are already generated with that anchor text & url and search engine robot also crawled it. So, don't do any changes on it and I suggest you to generate new backlinks for your client websites.
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    The only reason I see to modify then is if the anchor text is not a keyword you are going for.
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    Changing the anchors can help reduce possible penalties. Could get time consuming though.

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