What does "difficult site navigation" mean in AdSense terms?

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Hi guys,
I'm trying to get a blog approved with AdSense, but I'm having a tough time due to "difficult site navigation." :

- Difficult site navigation


Further detail:
Difficult site navigation: During our review of your website, we found
your site difficult to navigate. Potential navigation issues include:
redirects, pages behind a login or restricted access, broken links,
excessive pop-ups, dialers, and pages under construction or not yet

I only have five pages of content. I plan on adding new content frequently, but would like to get started with AdSense/monetizing as early as possible. Could this be a problem?

Also, I am using a domain redirect that's linked to another domain's subdirectory:
Draw My Voice - What do voices look like? ---> Draw My Voice - What do voices look like?

Other than this, I don't know what the "navigation" issue could be. I'm using a simple and clean wordpress theme that I chose purposely to make navigation easy.

I apologize if this has already been covered, but I couldn't find much information on it.

Thanks for the help!
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    Which site are submitting to get approved (exact URL)?
    We have the technology.
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    I figured out what the problem was. Here's what I did wrong, just in case anyone else ends up making the same mistake.

    To save money on hosting, I have four websites running on one hosting account with a single domain (with each site in a different directory):

    I forwarded other domains to each of these sites, which seems to work okay for the Google's search spider and for user navigation. However, Google's AdSense spider
    wouldn't accept each directory as an actual "site," because it couldn't find a link to the public_html folder (*www.example.com*).

    I submitted the main domain *www.example.com* (which is slightly more complex to navigate imo), and my AdSense submission was promptly accepted.

    To make sure it passes Google's human test and make it more "spider friendly," I plan on creating a "hub" page to allow navigation between all four directories.

    I probably didn't explain this too great, but hopefully it still saves someone the two days it cost me to figure out.
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    oh well thanks to you i will avoid doing it because i did the same made multiple sites on same hosting account and same domain. although i dont know why adsense's tracker works differently than the search engine's

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