Uploading the same video on youtube but with different keywords

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I am looking to create and rank several videos for my local offline business with the aim of creating more leads. Now my business provides 4 different services and we work across 3 main towns.

So what I plan to do is to create 1 video for each service and then upload the video 3 times but changing the town name for each video. So for example:

Service 1

I will create 1 video for this service and upload the video 3 times but with 3 different town names. So the keywords will be:
(service 1) (town a)
(service 1) (town b)
(service 1) (town c)

Service 2

I will create a different video for service 2 and upload the video 3 times, again with 3 different town names. So the keywords will be:
(service 2) (town a)
(service 2) (town b)
(service 2) (town c)

...and so on for all 4 services.

But what I would like to know is:

If I upload all the videos onto my company youtube channel will I run into any problems with youtube deleting some of my videos as some will essentially be duplicate videos but optimised for different towns?

Or should I:

Use proxies and create separate YouTube channels for each individual videos in the hope that they wont be detected as duplicates? (this would also help with ranking)

If anyone has done something similar or has any advice on how best to approach this, I would really appreciate some advice.

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    Hi Will,

    you should be able to get away with it if you are using different town names, however, if you dont want to run the risk of getting videos deleted it would be best to do it the safer way and create 4 seperate channels.

    Upload 4 videos to each channel like this:
    (service 1) (town a)
    (service 2) (town a)
    (service 3) (town a)
    (service 4) (town a)

    Assuming the videos are different this is a much safer option.
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    I I think YouTube will catch on to this pretty quickly. Are you able to vary the length of the video a bit for each upload?
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    Thanks Michael i thinks thats going to the best option, it will also mean i can use a proxy for each town which is going to help with the ranking as well.

    Thanks mate!

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