The Google Myth - LSI Revealed

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I'd like to know if anyone knows about the recent Google Myth Revealed. It was based on the mislead assumption that Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) was a core ranking formula as part of Google's algorithm.

Proven tests, however, have shown that it is not LSI but rather a concept referred to as Referential Integrity (RI) that is a core mechanism to Google's ranking algorithm.

This is a highly advanced yet simple technique, there's a blog post about it in the forum at:

What do you think about this...?
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    I have watch the video from SEO guy of stompernet. The guy show the proof using plural-singular, tenses, synonims to proof that google isn't using LSI to ranking the page. I don't really know if these methods to proof is the exact way to proof about LSI.

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    I can understand where you are coming from with the proof part. For many people out there, I can also understand that it may at first glance seem complicated, technical, and difficult to grasp but as a seasoned SEO specialist my opinion on this matter is of enthusiasm. That's where depth of experience comes in.

    In-fact I appreciate your criticism and skepticism on the issue. This concept of RI is very much aligned with my years of experience in SEO for a number of well respected multinational and international organisations. What you should know about this concept is that Google uses it to give back some of the power to webmasters (you). Through your own internal linking structure (within your site) you are able to increase your SE rankings within days. Rather than complex and unecessary mathamatical formulas the system of RI is based on real world 'human' factors. This should make sense because Google's SE results are all about precision and relevancy.

    I hope this is a little more clear to you. I must admit, it can quickly become a highly in-depth subject matter, but if harnessed correctly it become a weapon of SE domination!
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      What you said is taken from stompernet video. In my opinion, the term RI is just simplified site structure and linking methods. I prefer to do siloing then just RI. This is just my opinion, I'm not tested it yet.

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    Referential integrity is likely a name Leslie decided to use. After all, the guy is a software engineer and so that's the way he thinks.

    As far as LSI, I have heavily researched it and come to the conclusion that it is not part of Google's algorithm. The reason why one would think that siloing works is because of the fact that it involves radical changes in PageRank flow and makes use of anchor text optimization. It's the "theming" part that has no real basis as fact.

    If you want more information on the nuts and bolts of LSI in search, you can start with this - A Call to SEOs Claiming to Sell LSI IR Thoughts It fits well with another article written by Dr. Garcia here -
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    Yeah, Leslie knows what that means in database terms. He used to be our CTO.

    Dan Thies
    Glorious People's Link Liberation Front

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      It's the first time I've seen those videos, but the content is solid and matches my experience. I have a site that tripled its traffic after I changed the internal linking text to include "whole truth" (ie. "Transformers posters" rather than just "Transformers" as the link text on a posters site).

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    I have to agree, Leslie has done his homework on this one. According to Google patents there is no direct referral to LSI.
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      Ahhh... another herding of the sheep into the barn to have their wool ($) sheared from their hides.

      ~ JoeCool

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    I couldn't find direct referral to LSI on any google patent
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    Sound like a great thread and i would like to see the vids. can anyone point me to the videos?


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    sure! here's the link:
    let us know what you think...

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