Ahrefs keyword research free/trail alternative

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what is Ahrefs keyword research best free/trail alternative ?
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    The problem with all these research tools is that they're an algorithm. That means you only get raw data.

    Because what you aren't getting is what people are thinking when they ask the question that includes the keyword. It doesn't include the run up to that question. What problems did they have three weeks before this crisis?

    Answering that tricky question will put your solution in front of them long before it's even clear that it's the thing they need. By the time they get into trouble, they've already found you and have help.

    As far as I know, there are no tools for this - save your imagination and your empathy. And some really strategic thinking. Sorry that it's not more. M xxx
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    I never really use any other tool than the Google Keyword Tool. (And Scrapebox if I want to find some really long tail keywords.) Not sure how Ahrefs does keyword research, but most of the tools like Market Samurai or Traffic Travis use the Google Keyword tool to collect data. So why not just go straight to the (free) source?
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    I want tools like this:
    warriorforum.com - SEMrush's main report for domain)
    But this tools is very low quality
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    what is Ahrefs keyword research best free/trail alternative ?
    I usually use majesticseo.com, open a free account there so you will be able to lookup lots of goodies for free.

    More options: Backlink Watch, Open Site Explorer, Seo Spyglass, Link Diagnosis,

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