Importance of Blog Commenting for Games website

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I have website related to 13 cards rummy played specifically in India, I thought of trying to do blog commenting activity but find it hard to locate blogs related to rummy, instead I trying to looking out for games related website. Just let me know how to proceed with getting back links through blog commenting for rummy related topic.
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    Posting comments is actually quite similar to guest posting (or guest blogging) in many respects. First and foremost, it is a great way of building safe backlinks, and it can also be a great avenue for getting exposure, and getting the word out about yourself as well as your blog.

    1. It helps establish your authority.
    2. It is a representative of the beliefs of your business.
    3. It is good for exposure.
    4. Comments are essentially a ‘concise’ version of a post.
    5. It allows you to form valuable relationships, and network with others.
    6. It is a good way to build backlinks.
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    Yeah i once tried that keyword once decided on creating my own blogs and content for that game instead of finding others

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