New to this Help with Gsniper please.

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Hi All

I'm new here and conmpletely new to this game.
Been looking at Gsniper to start with. Looks a great system / idea etc however finding keywords below the stated 13,000 on the suggested clickbank is near on if not impossible.
Any advice or help would be awesome.

Thank you.
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    Yeah good luck with that. Lol. Google sniper was great 3 years ago. It's still a good way to learn now, in theory, but not really applicable anymore.

    Finding keywords with under 24k exact results or whatever is not the best indicator of his competitive the keywords are Anymore

    Download traffic Travis 4. It's free and can help you find way to rank keywords with higher search numbers.
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    eljeffe77 is right about 24k exact results, people target keywords with 1000 exact matches nowadays, and even that is no guarantee you will rank easily

    If you're looking a for way to gauge keyword competition check out this video I made, it will give you an idea on how to check the competition for keywords. Also like eljeffe77 said download traffic travis for free, and that will help you check the competition also.

    Alot of new guys think that throwing money into products is a way for fast success and many of them find themselves broke in no time. Learn keyword research first and it will save you alot of money and make IM alot easier for you.
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    I made decent money from one GSniper site. Sniper sites aren't my thing. I prefer covering niches deeply (although I have 2 sites that earn well that are small and highly targeted).

    The reality is with the GSniper method, despite what the sales page says, you need to build links to rank or generate trafffic in other methods.

    I recommend building a site people will want to revisit. This means building a great site with great info. In time you can build your own audience and you won't be banging your head against the wall wondering why you aren't making money and not getting traffic.

    That said, I like SEO and use it on some projects. ROI for SEO is awesome; it's just not my sole source of traffic and revenue. When I do SEO, I'm strategic with it and carefully track ROI. I go for moderately competitive terms that will generate consistent income.
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    Google Sniper type sites still work and are easy to build.

    But the research criteria is a bit out of date due to the competition for good keywords.

    The keys to Google Sniper are (were):

    1) Keywords easy to rank for
    Google Sniper sites need low competition keywords because they rely on low competition in the SERPs over age, authority or backlinks for ranking. GS also advocated EMDs which do still work in this context.

    2) Optimized site for conversions
    The original GS advocated creating a fake personality and fake "personal story" to build trust and motivate conversions. Unfortunately, the FTC put a kibosh on this practice and GS 2.0 offered a more compliant but probably less effective method of using a story but not making it "your" story.

    3) Limited traffic leaks
    GS sites are ultra focused on a single product and all links funnel traffic to the offer. This type of link building is not as effective with Google, but does still work in ultra low competition niches.

    You can still use GS model sites but you need to adjust your strategy to maximize your return.

    You still need low competition niches and very targeted buyers.

    Keeping with the GS method targeting Clickbank products you need to:

    Find new release products. New products with less competition are easier to rank for and have search volumes that are often "under the radar". But that is because they are new, not because people are not searching.

    Use to find recently released products and look at their stats. Check Google but realize Google may not be accurate with such early statistics.

    Target the name of the product, the name of the author and other keywords highly relevant to that product.

    You just need to find the right product and keywords.

    Deadlift Dynamite - a weight lifting product by champion lifter and world record holder Andy Bolton and Pavel Tsatsouline, the Russian who introduced Kettle Bells to the U.S.

    Their product was released to CB in November 2012.

    Google Keyword Tool shows 480 Exact and 1,300 Phrase match searches for Deadlift Dynamite. Deadlift Dynamite Review gets 73 Exact and Phrase.

    If you search Google for Deadlift Dynamite, you will find all the top SERPs are GS type single page sniper sites (some still with the default "Hello World" post as the second piece of content) with EMDs or keywordreview domains.

    The #1 site is with a single front page and the "Hello World" post the other page. is #10. It is also a single or two-page sniper site. As are the pages between #1 and #10.

    Market Samurai shows no age and few backlinks for most pages in the SERPs.

    As you can see. If you can find the right product and keywords then all the GS techniques still work including the EMD strategy.

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    I also started my IM life with gsniper years ago and my advice would be to learn everything on the course as it's generally good information but don't follow the course.

    The biggest flaw was that the whole concept was based on finding these incredible keywords that are just so hard to find. You need to basically look for one that has a considerable amount of searches with close to zero true competition. I'm not saying these keywords don't exist, but they're incredible hard to find. Quite frankly, you'll probably spend weeks looking for this amazing keyword and with all the recent google updates, there's no guarantee that a thin site with 4-5 articles will rank for it, or at least not for a worthwhile amount of time.

    Exact match domains don't give the same boost that they did a year ago. A lot has changed since that course came out, so much so that the method won't work anymore without a whole load more backlinks and content.
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    Dude, GSniper is what I would call from Stone Age, noticing how much Google Search Algorithm has changed now. SEO is a totally different game now. Sure, the foundational few factors are still there (e.g. backlinks) but overall the game has totally changed. So no point at wasting your time with it now. I didn't wanted to disappoint you, though.

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