Keyword research criteria

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Keyword research criteria:

Hello I am using market samurai for keyword research and I have a few questions. A lot of my keyword are very competitive and they are all keywords for the credit card processing business. When I look at the competition analysis in market samurai most of the competition shows all red boxes which means it is very competitive. I did some market research and out of about 800 keywords I have narrowed it down to about 10 keywords that look good. All these keywords have 50 or more potential clicks per day and a lot of the grid is green. It is about 60 percent green so it looks like I won’t have insane competition.

I have a few general questions about keyword research:

1) What is the minimum amount of potential clicks you are looking for with each keyword?

2) If you are using market samurai how much of the competition do u look for that is green? as a rule of thumb how do you know when a keyword doesn't have much competition?

3) If the grid is 50 percent red and 50 percent green is that considered a competitive keyword?

4) Is a non-competitive keyword one that has a competition grid of almost all green?

With so many people these days trying to get so many keywords number 1 its looks like almost impossible to get a keyword that has an almost all green grid that has at least 50 searches a day..
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    Have a look at which 3 sites are ranking top for the given keyword and make an assessment of whether you can beat them. Check the PR of the site, how relevant the content is. Then check the PR, anchor text, OBL, relevancy of the site's backlinks.
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    In addition to what ichl13 said, You may be better off going to Noble Samarui site and going through the video tutorial on how to choose the best keywords for best results. You should be able to access the tutorial right out of the software. Also wait to see if other more experience individuals reply to the thread.


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