AdSense CPC only 0.02$! How to improve this!?

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Hi guys, I sure do need your help on this.

I can't reach the monthly minimal threshold on AdSense no matter what I do.

First I thought I needed to improve my CTR, which was below 1%, and with better ad positioning and better ad sizes I managed to get CTR above 3,5%... But that didn't do the trick of me reaching the threshold.

Next, I thought if I improved my websites PR it will give me higher CPC... But after last Google updated, after my PR indeed did increase, my CPC got even lower!!!

Finally, I thought that maybe lowering my Alexa Rank will get my AdSense CPC higher, and I did manage to get my alexa down 100k, and is now at 344k, but still no improvements on CPC.

My site gets at least 1k unique visitors daily, and here are the stats from where do my visitors come:

64.51%Search Traffic 23,924 Visits

22.28%Referral Traffic 8,264 Visits

12.25%Direct Traffic 4,543 Visits

0.95%Campaigns 354 Visits

These are the stats for the last month.

Even the ads that are shown on my site are relevant to my content, but CPC stays low all the time.

It's just frustrating, that no matter what I do, Google finds the way to keep me of threshold every single time.

Can anyone suggest what else can I do on this matter? How can I get a higher CPC?

Thanks in advance!
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    I'v got a gaming/sport site.

    And I analyzed the top keywords through Google AdWords keyword toll, and picked the ones that are most relevant to my site content and that they at least make 1$ per click, additionally to this, I also tried to pick the ones that don't have a huge competition , and I include them regularly in my posts. But also, that didn't do s**t.
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    Look at your Adsense Ads that have already been displayed to traffic:
    1. Adsense Admin.
    2. Allow & block Ads
    3. Ads (Ad review center) ---> (tab)

    There's multiple pages of Ads to view (scroll arrows bottom/right corner of page).

    Are the Adsense Ads relvant to your niche, or are those Ads already served to traffic low CPC type Ads? An example of a low CPC Ad type would be ringtones, food related Ads, etc...

    Block the junk Ads that have nothing to do with your niche.

    Look at your traffic sources, is the traffic coming from unrelated websites (personalized browser history Ads being served)?

    Look at your own web pages, is traffic moving from the first page they land on to unrelated low CPC type Ads (personalized browser history Ads being served)?

    There's a lot to optimize, but it's well worth the time/trouble to do the optimization. Matching high CPC type Ads to targeted traffic pays well.
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    I have few questions and suggestions if you don't mind.

    1) How many adsense blocks you are using for your contents? I mean having all 3 blocks even for smaller contents would really lower your CPC, because google won't find relevant high paying keywords. In turn, you will have higher CTR, but not CPC. CPC matter a lot.

    2) Check performance of each block using "Custom channels" in order to differentiate high/low performing ads. Remove low performing ads. Having fewer ads that pay well would actually increase you CTC.

    3) One technical thing, Google always serves better ads in Header, because that loads first. But if you check you CTR, it will be highest in post area (I have experimented a lot). This looks like a deadlock, but it is not. Just add DIV tag in you page where CTR is highest. Google will then serve best paying ads to that DIV only, no matter it's in header or in content.

    Hope this helps.

    PM me if you want me to have a close look at you site and have more suggestions.

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    CPC is something you don't have control over.

    It's only at the initial stage that you can do yourself
    some good to pick the right keywords.

    The only alternative i see is finding closely related keywords
    in the same niche with better CPC and re-optimizing your site for it
    and ranking for them.

    Also, if your conversion rate sucks, you won't get sufficient
    clicks from visitors.
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    I have learned this from adsense:

    the lesser ads you display the higher the cpc gets. concentrate on just
    ONE ad per page, best ctrs gets the rectangle withing a post. match
    the color of the links with the color of your website links to get a higher ctr.

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