Noob Question: Where to Post Guest Blogging Requests?

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I have several really amazing guest bloggers. We blog for each other and link to each other. Since then, my Google traffic shot up.

But getting them was a pain in the ass...

Is there an easier way that I don't know about?

Can we start a thread here?

EDITED: I just added this: to connect with guest bloggers. What do you think?
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  • Profile picture of the author Freedom Media
    Hey Sparka -
    What niche or field are you writing/looking for articles from?
    I am looking to do some guest blogging if it's a good fit.
    How have you went about finding guest blogging opportunities so far?
  • Profile picture of the author sparkah
    I actually do... but NOBODY uses the form... i have better luck replying to tweets from bloggers that cover my subjects
  • Profile picture of the author raffman999
    What about JV opportunities on the WF?
  • Profile picture of the author jazbo
    I have guest author info on my sites. Some of those sites get thousands of visitors a day and not one person has ever become a guest author.

    People talk about guest blogging, but are basically too lazy to ever do it.
  • Profile picture of the author sparkah
    For me,

    I know the taste of Google traffic. I'm addicted to being on page one.

    The ONLY way to do it is to get GOOD websites to link to you.

    The EASIEST way to do THAT is to write the blog posts yourself.

    That's why I guest blog. It give's the blog owner sticky content and me, links.
  • Profile picture of the author kaytav
    Try BloggerLinkUp....

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