How Long Does WEB2.0 Take To Get INDEXED NATURALLY

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1.Whats the average time it takes web 2.0 articles to get indexed naturally after posting an article?

2. How do you make it get indexed fast fast

3. Are this blogs do follow ones you put links to it or do they need you to get few points like hubpages? "weebly, livejournal, blogs,webs,sribd etc"
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    naturally? like a few hours, on web2's that i mature, it's like minutes.
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    I think its taking more than few hours here. I created a livejounal, weebly and tumblr but up till now it not indexed yet? About 4days now. Wondering why
  • Profile picture of the author softysmith
    its depends on the site most of site take max 24 for index but some of site nedd to do some work than they will index
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    Be sure to build backlinks to your web2.0 blogs. Too many times I see these blogs with N/A pagerank. Tumblr is easier to get PR3 and PR4 pagerank and high Domain Authority, in my experience.
  • Profile picture of the author Jacob Sterbenk
    From my experience, these web 2.0 sites are not indexed fast at all. It usually took up to 2 weeks to index a Squidoo lens, blog or other web 2.0 properties.

    However, it is always possible to speed things up with some backlinks. Social bookmarks are usually good for this (just don't send 1,000 of them).
  • Profile picture of the author Hossain
    Google treats dofferent websites differently! Some w2s will be indexed even within few hours if the blog post is good. Like wordpree, blogger. Some will need few backlinks to get love letter from google like bip, livejournal etc. Some w2s are difficult to index and would take very long time even if you are building contextual backlinks to them. I assume overblog is one of them.

    I would racommend you try few indexer services like NLI, BI etc. which will be helpful indeed. Bty Dont forget to ping backlinks.
  • Profile picture of the author Jimerson Farveez
    No....!!! Most of web 2.0 sites even do not get index - if you failed to ping or get backlinks to backlinks.... We have to work on it and get index... otherwise, web 2.0 backlinks may not be noticed by Google...
  • Profile picture of the author Rocketboy
    Tumblr, Squidoo, Wordpress, Blogger and Jimdo is easy to index and to get at least PR0.
    I have serious problems to index and Livejournal, even after building hundreds of wikis, blog comment and social bookmarks to them.
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    It depends on the site, some web 2.0 sites would get indexed in hours, some may take days..
  • Profile picture of the author Slin
    Depends on which ones, like some people above me said.

    I'd say that usually within a few hours though.
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    In 2-4 hours on average. Web2.0 sites are REALLY popular, so Google LOVES them and will visit a new website once it is LIVE!
  • Profile picture of the author kaytav
    I have a wordpress domain, like I update it regularly with unique content. It gets indexed within a day. I guess it is due to Wordpress.

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