How to crawl a website & build a product feed?

Profile picture of the author willyboy104 by willyboy104 Posted: 02/22/2013
I've generally outsourced this activity for most of my clients however I am researching in to building product feeds for use with Google Shopping myself however I am wondering how do I go about crawling a site to get all the appropriate data, such as:

Product URL
Image URL
Product Description


I could obviously do this manually, but when a client has in excess of 5,000 products it is not feasible.

Anyone got any advice?

Thank you!
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    Thanks, but no thanks - for the pointless, blatant promotion of your own services/lead generation in your site links.

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    I built something like this a long time ago. It was a php spider that would spider a site, get the product information and put it into an xml file then auto submit to places like froogle.

    What site are you trying to obtain these products? I wouldnt mind seeing if I could get my old script to try and grab those products.

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