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Hey guys, so I know the most common answer will probably be "just try it" but I was wondering if any of you had similar experiences with "less ads = more money"

So I run a blog that is starting to see some significant traffic, I run two leaderboard ads on it one at the top and one at the bottom. After a week of being up I've noticed that the bottom ad is getting about 40 times more clicks than the top one but the the CPC for the top ad is around 3 times more than the ad at the bottom.

Anyways, I made some calculations and figured if I took the top ad off and got the same CPC on the bottom ads as the top I would be roughly trippling my earnings. Is this how Adsense works though? Anyone else done similar tests? Also I know one of the number one rules of Adsense is to make sure you have an ad above the "fold". Am I crazy to not even have one ad at the top of my blog?

Thanks in advance!
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    All I could tell you is try split testing and go from there. I tried with less ads and have had mix results. Then Google team comes along and sends a message stating I would make more money adding a 3rd ad to my pages.
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    I got to agree with the bottom ad conversions. My bottom ad unit earns around 6 times the earnings of my top ad unit, which is even above the fold. People seem to be more inclined to click after reading your content because they are looking for more information.

    And there are rumors that less ads may raise your cpc. It might due to stiffer competition since there will be more advertisers vying for less space on your site. I don't know if it is really true, but I think it sounds plausible to earn more with less ad, and thus worth testing.
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    My sites are the complete opposite.

    I usually run two text only Ads per page, the top/center Ad smokes the middle page Ad in both CPC & CTR.

    You already know this, but all you can do is test your own site.
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    I put 2 text ads on the side bar 1 each on the top and bottom. But my earning still very low I am pretty worried about this that why my earning is not raising.
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    Nice discussion is going here. I changed the template of my blog last month and now my CTR has dropped badly. 100 Relevant ads are displayed on my blog, still CTR is low. Average CTR for my blog is around 0.5% now a days. Bottom placement really increases the CTR. But I've never noticed CPC varation for any specific position. Yes ad types make a difference.
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    Anyway there are techniques to put ads at the footer or end of the article. Is just that people mistook the adsense ads as related articles link and click it. People like to read, and read more so they clicked. Another techniques of making high CTR on the end of the article is to put ellipse on the last word of the article "..." this makes people think that there are more interesting stories to read which in turns make them click on the adsense ads.
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    The best CTR I've had with AdSense came from embedding text ads within the body of an article. Looks like just another paragraph a lot of time.
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    There are indications that "too many ads" may affect your SEO -- especially if the ads dominate above the fold. So, yes, putting the ads at the bottom (or perhaps embedded within) good content is often more effective than powering them blatantly across the page top.

    As others have said, this is a "test, test, test" situation, because different sites have different readership and results.

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