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I get so bored with people always saying "Google loves quality content' and then everybody here repeats it ad nauseam as if it's true.

This is the #3 result for a search I just did. Who cares if it's not really an important search...because the point is that GOOGLE DOES NOT KNOW WHAT "QUALITY CONTENT" is.

They very obviously have NO CLUE how to read text and decide if anything is quality or not. Even if/when they do, how could you measure that anyway?

Think about it.

All these marketers say they "Only write quality content" on their sites. So what. Compared to one of the geniuses (literally) who work at Google do you think your "great" article is "quality" in any way?

The guys at google are pretty bright...I highly doubt they would find 99.99999999% of IM sites even halfway interesting or written with quality under their standards, considering they read at what...a billionth grade level.

So anyway, disagree...who cares, but stop with the "quality content" ...it's FALSE.

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    Dang you need to resize that image...

    Google may not know what "Quality" is, but they can detect duplicate, and in some cases, spun content.

    But Quality is for the readers, the people who enjoy your the information so much they link to it on message forums, blogs, facebook and twitter...

    There's a thing called "link bait", that is important. If you are going to do something, may as well do it right!
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    I don't think you are going to get any positive reply here..

    Your graphic in itself has messed up the layout of this thread
    and making it unbearable to read.

    You can make the graphics smaller.
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    like others have said quality content isn't for google it's for the visitor, you want them to be a visitor, do visitor type things like click or read or convert, your not gonna get that with a non native language copy writer or spun content.
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    Google recognizes unique content and gives more preference their. Also, Please fix this image as it is very difficult and boring to scroll to the right.

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