Careful in using sape links, Google might hit it

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Today, there is a new network type link is becoming popular known as sape links. Google Might be eying closely on this network, next update might attack those type of sites.

After the last emd and other updates, it is really vulnerable to use any bad networks that will leave footprint.
If you have experience with sape links, then give some insights as well.
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    sape has been around for years, this is only causing a stir cuz cutts tweeted about it, but cutts is an idiot, so it won't matter, google can't even fix their paydayloan issue with pump and dumps, they'll never get a handle on sape.
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    What is sape?
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    private russian network that can/does/is/and/or uses sql injection to place links on otherwise non commentable properties with either hidden/cloaked/smallfont/ anchortext. there are ppl who sell sape on the backend, can probably find more info from them, some they're even on this forum, go figure.
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    what do sape sites look like or do they look like normal sites or a bit messed up with links everywhere and that if its the second then alot of my compeititors are using these weird sites and getting high pr...? I heard about it a on a another thread....

    Someone should really fire this head of spam person tweeting or making videos about it doesnt stop stuff. LOL SOMEONE LET THE RETARD OUT THE HOME...
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    Never heard about Sape. Seems to be some kind of spam.
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    Normal sites that indeed look messed up with links when they are not hidden. It's like the links just appear somewhere in a random spot on the page, looks pretty odd. But sometimes they also appear normal, but then in the footer or sidebar.
    Thanks i am now sure that one of my compitition is doing this they get 1 to 2 links a day apparently from ahrefs and they are all like that... and they got a pr4 for it but i dont know wethere that is because of those links or not.
  • Profile picture of the author kilobytestechnologies
    never heard of sape.. but it seems to be a blackhat technique..

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