Which backlink check tool is better?

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Hi friends,
I'm looking for a tool that can check my backlinks and detect the bad links of my site.
Is there any pro tools?
Some friends suggest me the inspyder and seo power suit.
How about these two tools?
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    SEMRush and Opensiteexplorer...
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    For your own site, Google Webmaster Tools is going to give you the most data. It cannot give you info on other sites, but none of the backlink checkers out there will give you as many backlinks as WMT does for your own site.
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    Opensiteexplorer for me, but the best really is Google Webmaster tools,
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    MajesticSEO because they give real time data. I find Opensiteexplorer is slow and clunky and doesn't give up-to-date domain info.

    I want to know what my domains are doing now, not what they were doing a month ago...


    I don't like Google Webmaster Tools because Google doesn't need access to the inner information of my websites, I don't like adding code to give them permission to them. I don't use google analytic either... and don't like Google Chrome.
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    this are are pretty good, but I would also have a look at ahrefs
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    It's True. Majestic SEO is not showing real time data, and it is quite impossible to do so. I have used Majestic SEO in the past and I can say that it is definitely not showing real time data.
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    opensiteexplorer and majesticseo tool is good for checking the backlink.
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    If you're looking for a pro-level tool, SEO SpyGlass is the solution I think. It checks all the backlinks of a site in question and their exact anchor texts, identifies backlinks from homepages, forums and blogs, which is quite helpful while searching for new backlink opportunities. One more advantage of SpyGlass over other tools is that it has an internal database to pull backlinks from, as well as uses numerous external sources for that.
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    majesticseo, ahrefs, opensiteexplorer or seo spyglass.
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    Google webmaster tools is best apart from that you can use backlinkchecker tool.

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