Where do all these links on my site come from?

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I was just doing some editing of a blog I am building and I see some links that don't belong to me. I have seen links in a lot of web sites, including Warrior Forum, scattered all around the place. They are advertising and pop up little windows with a short blurb and entice you to click here.

So i want to know, where the hell do these come from, and who gives them the right to invade my web site and lure my prospects away from my offers or ads? I am not getting paid by these people.

Is there any way to disable these hijackers?
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    Where's your site? Is it on your own hosting? Do you have some sort of plugin on there that's causing it? Where are the links?

    Sounds like you may have some issues...
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    Did you recently install a browser toolbar? Or your browser may have something installed that is adding the links you see.
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    Had the same after installed a video download plugin in Chrome. In my case it was an extra plugin installed that showed some ' relevant ' Ads.
    Search for ' coupon compagnon ' or ' browse to safe ' plugin.
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    yes this is a classic case of malware installed on your browser. It will reflect the links as if they are there, but really if you would use another (uninfected) computer, you would not see these links.

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